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First trimester | my Bikini Musthaves


My first trimester

What I wish I had known...

Pregnant | My Bikini Musthaves


My biggest news so far: I’m pregnant!

And I couldn't be more excited….

Beach holiday | My Bikini Musthaves

How to

Pack for a short beach holiday

When carry-on luggage is your only option

Activewear | My Bikini Musthaves

My Favorites

From swim to gym

Swimwear brands that love activewear too

High Waist bikinis | My Bikini Musthaves


High waist bikinis

Why go low if you can go high?

Black bikini | My Bikini Musthaves

How to

Find your perfect black bikini

The 7 step guide is here!

Swimsuits | My Bikini Musthaves


Heavy print swimsuits

It's time to get exotic again

Sale | My Bikini Musthaves


Sale is here!

I've selected only the best for you

Sunglasses | My Bikini Musthaves

Best styles

My favourite sunglasses under $60

Not all good things have to be expensive

Palm & Peach | My Bikini Musthaves

New name to know

Palm & Peach

My favourite round towel brand