Sun holiday | My Bikini MusthavesI don’t have to tell you that laying on the beach in my new bikini -covered in bronzed sunscreen- with an ice-cold drink and a good book is my all time favorite thing to do when I’m on holiday. Some people call me crazy (or boring!) but I can literally do this every day of my holiday when I’m abroad. For me, this is total relaxation and the moment I can completely clear my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping city trips too and I’ve been on winter sport before but the moment I have to choose between a sun holiday or city trip (or in fact, every other kind of holiday) the decision is easily made. And for all of you who are planning their next getaway and haven’t decided yet if it will be bikini galore or cultural sightseeing let me give you 7 good reasons to book that sun holiday right now!

1 On a sun holiday you spent less money -generally speaking- compared to a city trip. A city trip can be equal to an average monthly salary. If you’re lucky

2 On a sun holiday you don’t have the feeling that you must do a lot of things while on a city trip you need to do a lot of things in a short period of time (to the museum, that nice little church, drinks in that new bar, say hi to your expat friends and of course, getting up early to make the most of your day)

3 On a sun holiday you will get an equal tan all-over your body, unfortunately that’s not the case with a city tripSun holiday | My Bikini Musthaves

4 After a sun holiday you’ll be well-rested (and tanned!), while after a city trip you’re tired and actually ready to book another holiday

5 The only things you have to bring with you to look good on a sun holiday are bikinis, a cute beach dress and sandals. When you’re going on a city trip you have to think of different sets of clothing for each time of the day in advance, in order to then come to the conclusion that you’ll need to leave half of the sets at home because it doesn’t fit in your carry-on luggage

6 Afraid that you won’t see anything of the (is)land when you’re laying on the beach every day? Don’t worry, that’s fine. Perfect reason to visit again!

7 Which picture will make the people at home more jealous you think? A selfie under the Eiffel Tower with hundreds of tourist around you, or a snap taken by your lover of your beautifully tanned body in your new bikini on a white sand beach with crystal blue water? Exactly my point.

Love Gala

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