Banago | My Bikini MusthavesHappy national handbag day ladies! I know it’s not an official holiday but when there’s something to celebrate, I’m in! Especially when it has something to do with bikinis or bags (or food!). So today I want to talk about one of my favourite accessories and introduce you to the brand Banago. Popular among the globe trotting fashion industry, Banago doesn’t only creates beautiful must have bags but also has an inspirational story of its own.

I actually got to know this brand when I was in Miami during Swim Week. I saw the bags and was immediately in love with their designs and colours. But it wasn’t until I had a talk with the owner and creative director, Renee, that I wanted to dedicate a blog post to Banago.Banago | My Bkini MusthavesBanago | My Bikini MusthavesRenee’s main goal with Banago is to support local artisan communicaties in the Philippines, where she’s from. Creating sustainable livelihoods and quality products made from natural materials is where her business stands for. I think it’s amazing that she uses her ability to help the people back home and improving their lives by showing them the importance of craftsmanship.

Every bag is handmade in the Philippines using materials like palm leaves and wild grass. When these kind of materials are being used in bags it instantly reminds me of the beach. And luckily Banago has so many colours and styles to choose from! I like the Olivia bag I’m showing here in the pictures because it has both dark and lighter tones so it really stands out no matter what you wear.

Another great thing about Banago is that despite all the hard work and materials being used, the bags still are reasonably priced. Check out their website for all the styles and prices. Or shop other colourful beach bags below!

Love, Gala