Beach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesMy most engaged followers will probably think that I’m addicted to Curacao or that their government is paying me to write about it. That’s not the case y’all! I do love this island and I visit it every year so last time I was there collected a lot of new images and content for my blog! What I haven’t shared with you yet are the best beach clubs in Curacao, according to my very objective view ;)

The funny thing is that all of the beach clubs listed below haven’t got white sandy beaches that will lead you into the ocean (#spoileralert). But the good news is that they’ve more than enough other things why you should go there. It just depends on what your needs are. This is my top 3 and I’ll tell you why.Beach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesBeach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesBeach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesSt. Tropez Ocean Club
St. Tropez Ocean Club is a hidden hotspot in the middle of Curacaos capital, Willemstad. It’s located right at the southern coastline of the island and the good thing about this location is that there aren’t a lot of other beach clubs nearby where you can lay in the sun all day. It’s also a great hang-out for when you did some side-seeing in the city. A lot of locals come here for lunch or afternoon drinks in the sun. Like I said earlier in this post, this Ocean club has no beach but they do have a pool and nice beach beds if you want to stay there all day. But mind you, St. Tropez is not really big, so if you want a good spot you have to come early!

Visit the website hereBeach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesBeach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesKarakter Curacao
This is one of the beach clubs in Curacao that I just recently discovered. Maybe because it’s quite a long car ride to the western side of the island, which is a little more remote. The cool thing about Karakter is that you can have lunch right at sea with a beautiful view and amazing sunsets. The lunches are pretty delicious by the way so this is an extra reason to spend your day at this side of the island. Karakter has a relaxed vibe and it isn’t an overcrowded beach with music blasting through the speakers. A place where you can be at ease and even get a relaxing massage at the 8 Experience Spa next door (read my post about this must-visit spot here). Totally worth the ride.

Visit the website hereBeach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesBeach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesBeach clubs in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesPapagayo
Papagayo is probably the biggest beach club of all three. Again, it doesn’t have a beach where you can swim but they have a beautiful infinity pool which is quite big. You can eat right at the pool but they also have an outside bar and inside restaurant where you can have dinner or even an extended lunch. Papagayo beach club is part of a resort with apartments and a hotel, and is very popular among Dutch tourists. From all these three beach clubs in Curacao, this is the most lively and crowded one with restaurants next door, a Spa and even a Casino. Diving tours are offered every day and if you want to participate in the “Nieuwjaarsduik” on January 1st this is the spot.

Visit the website here

I know Curacao has a lot of small deserted beaches (which I love too!) but I specifically choose to write today’s post about beach clubs, because they have more facilities and it’s great to meet new people! But don’t worry, I’ll post about cute remote beaches next month!

If you’ve ever been to Curacao changes are big that you’ve visited one of these beach clubs. Are they on your top favorites list too? If not, please share your favorite beach clubs in Curacao with me!

Love, Gala