Mikoh MAIN imageIn most spas you’re not allowed to wear swimwear or even a bathrobe. But because not everyone feels totally relaxed by the fact that you have to show your female parts to God knows who, on some days of the week it’s “swimwear day” in most spas so you can wear your favourite bikini and still feel comfortable. But the thing is, when I’m going to the beach I already know exactly what bikini to wear  – depending on the location – and what accessories to pair with it. You know there will be a lot of people on the beach who you want to look good for (let’s be honest ladies ;)) and also get the best tan ever. So based on that you choose the bikini that suits best. The spa is something different. I don’t work on my tan when I’m there. There are a lot of people, yes, but it’s kind of another setting. And when I’m going to the spa I just want to relax and be in my own little zen moment as much as possible. So don’t care about the bikini you’ll wear? Well, not exactly true. You always have to look good in a bikini of course, no matter where you are. But I do choose my bikini for the spa based on different criteria.

So what are the best bikinis for the spa? For me a spa bikini has to meet a number of criteria: a comfortable fit, not too revealing and certainly not too obvious. This might sound strange to some of you but when I’m in the spa I like to be as low-key as possible. I don’t want to draw the attention to me and you probably won’t even recognize me. Based on my three criteria I’ve selected a couple of bikinis that are perfect for a well-deserved spa day. Tell me, what do you wear when you go to the spa? Nothing at all? :)

Love Gala