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Meet Blueprint Eyewear. This Amsterdam based brand specializes in customized sunglasses so you can create your own unique pair. From the legs up to the lenses you can choose from dozens of colors and styles. The owners of Blueprint Eyewear are true sports enthusiasts who love outdoor sports like surfing and snowboarding. They were tired of paying a lot of money for quality sunglasses that were all pretty much the same. That’s when the idea for a new brand was born: personalized quality sunglasses for a reasonable price.

To create your own sunglasses the first step is to choose from 6 different styles – the Aluna model is coming soon – which vary from aviators to wayfarer and beyond. The next step is to choose the color of the frame. You can even choose different colors for the front and legs of the sunglasses! Last step is to decide which color lenses you’ll take. With a sporty model I often choose mirrored glasses as you can see on the pictures. Now this might sound like a time-consuming process but you’re actually done within a few minutes. And if you’re not a creative type, don’t worry, Blueprint Eyewear has a large collection of standard sunglasses available.

Blueprint Eyewear | My Bikini MusthavesBlueprint Eyewear | My Bikini MusthavesBlueprint Eyewear | My Bikini MusthavesBlueprint Eyewear | My Bikini Musthaves

All sunglasses are made from thermal-injected polycarbonate. This means that the frames are lightweight, super durable, and comfortable to wear all day long. The TAC lenses are all polarised UV400 Cat3 and have an additional hydrophobic coating for repelling water and smudges, and an anti scratch coating to bring your shades everywhere without damages. All sunglasses come with a standard 2-year limited warranty.

Blueprint Eyewear offers free shipping within Europe and if you order before 10 PM the glasses will be shipped the same day! Ready to order your limited edition sunglasses? Use #blueprinteyewear on Instagram and show me your design!

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