141209_tigerlilly_06_151_aWhen summer in Europe is slowly coming to an end I know there are thousands of bikinilovers at the other end of the world who are waiting patiently for the first sunbeams and warm temperatures. They can’t wait to hit the beach and surf the waves after six months of cold winter days. I’m talking about Australia! I can see my Instagram feed filled with more and more bikinis and beautiful tans from my favorite Aussies. And because I’m mentally preparing myself for this coming winter and temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius, I decided to focus on Australian brands the next couple of months so we’ll see a lot of new collections and beautiful campaigns!

This post I want to dedicate to Australian swimwear brand Tigerlily. They launched the brand in 2000 and had a clear focus on beachwear from the beginning. A beach lifestyle inspired by health, freedom and happiness according to their website. What I love about Tigerlily is their impeccable sense of design and prints. Each collection is filled with striking colors and beautiful combinations in materials. That’s why India and Greece are the main sources of inspiration for their textiles and the designers return every year to these countries. The only thing that I don’t like about Tigerlily swimwear? They don’t ship worldwide and only have points of sale in Australia!! Can you believe this? I’m sure they’ll have a good reason for this but I mean, we’re living in the year 2015 where we can pay groceries with our fingerprint and order food just 2 clicks away. But you can’t provide your merchandise outside of Australia? Maybe we can like, share and talk a lot about Tigerlily so they’ll see that their fanbase is a lot bigger than only Australia. Because I need this brand overhere asap. Let me know what you think!

And if you know another cool Australian brand that I haven’t shown on my blog yet, let me know! Excited to hear about new brands and curious to see which brands you guys love XOXO