Beach fragrances | My Bikini MusthavesDo you wear perfume to the beach? I know a lot of women (and men) do it. And I understand why because you want to smell good when you’re on the beach all day. Swimming, tanning and playing a game of beach volley can cause smelly odors what we don’t want of course.

There are different kinds of beach fragrances and I prefer wearing a body mist to the beach because it’s not so strong as a perfume but it will give you a refreshing and nurturing scent. Deodorant is a necessity too when you’re on the beach and I always use it when I shower after a swim in the ocean. If you’re not sure to wear a perfume or a body mist to the beach, let me help you out a bit by telling what the three biggest differences are so you can choose what’s best for you.

1. There’s more alcohol in body mists than there is in perfume. Which means the mist evaporates quicker on your body and therefore also the scent.

2. A body mist is less concentrated. It’s actually not concentrated at all and that’s why you need to keep reapplying during the day as with perfume you can spray it just once.

3. Body mists don’t have a lot of oil compared to perfume. Body mists just have a little bit of oil while with perfumes it’s an essential ingredient. The more oil you have, the stronger the scent is.

Beach fragrances | My Bikini MusthavesThe conclusion is that a body mist is light and airy but doesn’t last as long as a perfume, therefore you need to keep on reapplying throughout the day. Since some of you ladies prefer a perfume over a body mist or vice versa, I’ve selected the best of both worlds :) The beach fragrances below are my favourite and perfect to wear during my holiday. I would love to know what your favourite scent is!

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