Sunglasses | My Bikini Musthaves

I know what you’re thinking reading this post title: “Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas? It’s still October!” Haha I get it and it’s true, but I love Christmas (it’s my birthday too!) and I can’t wait till my favorite holiday of the year finally is here. And if I remember correctly I saw the first baubles and fake snow in some stores months ago. So in that respect I’m not early at all.

But let me tell you more about this Countdown to Christmas category. In the run-up to December 25th I will highlight a category or theme every week on Thursday with carefully selected products you can ask Santa Claus for Christmas. I’ll always try to mix good-priced articles with more expensive ones so you can choose whether you go all out or not. Starting from today we still have about 7 weeks to buy Christmas gifts or let our better half know what we would like to receive ;)
So if you still need some inspiration when it’s comes to beachwear related gifts make sure to check back every Thursday from now on …

First up! Super sunnies! Because I can’t imagine a beach day without your favorite sunglasses and the good thing about sunglasses is that you can also wear them when you’re shopping, working out or just don’t feel like wearing any make-up. So technically speaking they’re multifunctional and that’s a pretty good reason to choose a more expensive one, right?

Happy shopping ladies! XOXO


Sunglasses shown on the main image: Blueprint Eyewear Elba model with orange glasses (here), Blueprint Eyewear Aluna model with brown glasses (here), SunGod Custom Classiscs with purple glasses (here)