Molori Clifton

So I’ve never been to South-Africa but it’s certainly high on my bucketlist. I hope I’ll be visiting this beautiful place very soon and since I’m so excited about this I already did some research for ideal places to stay for a relaxed beach break.

I came across this amazing luxury villa Molori Clifton in Cape Town, part of the Molori Private Retreats. This retreat is perched above a lively beach and the view is spectacular! I immediately could see myself laying on one of those comfortable lounge chairs enjoying the sun. When I’m at home I love to be active, work out and be busy with whatever. But when I’m on a summer holiday I’d like to do absolutely nothing but tanning, reading a book and take a dive every other hour. Chill music on the background together with snacks and drinks within reach. I know this might sound boring to others but you can’t make me happier with this!

But now the important question: What to wear to this dream destination?
Definitely a bandeau bikini top for minimum tan lines and big sunglasses since you’ll be soaking up the sun a lot. A cool hat for when you’re lounging in the pool and a small bag for your most important items (you NEED a phone to instagram that gorgeous backdrop right?). Looking for a bit more excitement? Just slip on a cute dress with sandals and take a short walk down to the beach for afternoon drinks with friends. Easy does it.

April travel notebook

H&M hat (here)
Elisabeth and James sunglasses (here)
Valentino bag (here)
Acacia bikini (here)
Mara Hoffman dress (here)
Essie Shearling Darling nailpolish (here)
Kurt Geiger sandals (here)