Healthy food

When I’m on holiday I have one rule with myself: enjoy everything to the fullest and don’t worry about the calories (read: eat everything you want). In the weeks up to my well-deserved sun overloaded break I work my ass off in the gym and eat all kinds of healthy stuff that I honestly do like. These weeks of hard training always pay off and most of the time I’m happy with the results so that’s why I’m telling myself that this fit body will not go away immediately by eating some fried calamaris during my holiday.

Are there any meals or snacks you normally don’t eat but when you’re on holiday you just instantly crave them? Because I do. I normally don’t drink coke but when I’m on the beach enjoying the hot sun I automatically order an ice-cold Coca Cola. Same for cheeseburgers. Every vacation I need to eat at least one juicy cheeseburger. Milkshakes, gelato and anything fried are on the list as well. But before you think I only eat junkfood let me tell you that’s not the case. I would be very disappointed in myself if I was binge eating for two weeks and feeling uncomfortable afterwards. It’s all about balance and a cheat-meal every now and then is allowed if you ask me.Chicken_-Apple_-and-Sweet-Potato-Salad-Roundup_voqukkImage by

On the ‘healthy days’ of my holiday (often when I’ve let myself go the day before) I like to eat simple and clean meals that digest quickly. I often start with a fresh fruit and vegetable juice in the morning which is very nutritious. For lunch I love to eat a salad filled with chicken or shrimps and for drinks I prefer just water or sugar-free iced-tea. I always eat a snack around 4PM – nachos with guacamole most of the time, don’t really know if that’s healthy but it sure is delicious! – and when the day comes to an end I throw on my beach dress and head to the beach club for some BBQ (and beers). That’s when the holiday vibe really kicks in and I never want to leave.

So whether you’re on a diet during your holiday or you just eat everything you see, the most important thing is that you enjoy your surrounding and everyone you share this with. But please tell me what your favorite healthy meal is during a beach day and share all your tips with me!

Love Image by Daily Mail