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Hi loves,

Ready for a new Monday’s Must-have? Good! Because I want to talk about the number one thing that always gets a quick update before you go on holiday (well, maybe apart from waxing). Yes, that’s your nail polish! The nail salon is one of the last stops before I hop on the plane because I want my nails to look good as long as possible. And the funny thing is, I always bring an additional 5 different colors with me! Ending up using only one or two…

But during my last holiday in Curacao I was really a fan of this Essie nail polish. Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands anyway and they have so many bright colors that are perfect for on the beach! This particular color that I’m wearing in the picture below is called Mint Candy Apple and looks really good on a tanned skin. That’s why you need to bring this baby with you on your holiday (and because it’s only $8!).

What do you think of this Essie nail polish color? A little bit too much for you, or do you like striking colors like this?

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