Done! Finito! My 30-day veggie challenge is officially over! This past month went by very fast and I can’t believe this challenge is already over. And you know what, it was easier than the 30-day no alcohol challenge I did in January.

Because let’s be honest, we all can live without meat and fish. It’s just a matter of choice and taste. So I started very optimistic to this challenge and I knew I was able to accomplish it without any difficulties. Ok, I failed one time in these 30 days but it wasn’t on purpose (read what happened here) and it tasted so weird!

If I have to mention one thing that I didn’t particular liked during this challenge is that my BF and I almost never have eaten the same dishes together. Because most of the time I would prepare something different for myself and like I said in one of my previous veggie posts, he’s not willing to give up on the meat. Like never.

What have I learned from my 30-day veggie challenge?

In this post, I will tell you about what I’ve learned from this challenge, what differences it brought me and if I’m still a vegetarian of course but first, let’s take a few steps back and talk about the reasons why I started this 30-day veggie challenge. My main reason for this challenge was that I didn’t want to eat contaminated meat with antibiotics or toxins anymore. The second reason was, and this was a real eye-opener for me, that the meat industry is the most damaging industry in the world. It’s mind blowing (in a negative way) what effects this has to our environment! And last but not least, the idea that I’m eating a dead animal that once had a happy life (hopefully) just because I like eating meat so much is actually a very strange and horrible idea.

During the challenge I tried to keep up with how I’ve felt and if I noticed anything different compared to before the challenge. I felt quite fit throughout the whole challenge but I didn’t loose any weight. That wasn’t my goal though so I don’t see this as a disappointment. I had even more motivation to work out and –TMI alert– my poo had a way better odour. Really guys, you should try it!

One thing I realised during my 30-day veggie challenge is that I probably didn’t prepare myself good enough in terms of vegetarian recipes. I mean, I know a couple of nice vegetarian recipes or I just leave the fish or meat out of my meal, but if you don’t try out new vegetarian recipes or buy a vegetarian cookbook you will be out of inspiration after two weeks. At least I was.

But now what?

So the most important question you’d like to know is if I’m going to continue my life as a vegetarian isn’t it? Well, I have to be completely honest with you of course and I don’t think I will be a 100% vegetarian from now on. I have more than enough reasons to reduce my meat and fish consumption so it’s definitely my goal to maintain that. But… like I said earlier in this post, at some point I honestly missed it. This is probably because I do like it and I’m used to eating it all my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this 30-day veggie challenge really helped me and made me realise that I can live without eating animals and still feel good (probably even better!). Therefore, I can recommend everyone to try to stop eating meat and fish for 30 days. If it isn’t for one of the things I mentioned at the beginning of this post, do it for yourself. Just to see if you can accomplish this challenge. You will be so proud afterwards!

Ok but what did I actually ate after the challenge was over?30-day veggie challenge | My Bikini Musthaves This was my first fish dish after completing the challenge at Roomservice at Olof’s in Amsterdam… It was delicious!30-day veggie challenge | My Bikini Musthaves And this was my first meat dish… It’s called  “zuurvlees”, a traditional dish from Limburg (southern part of Holland)

On the day that the challenge was over my friend treated me a typical dish from Limburg called zuurvlees. This is braised beef in a delicious sauce and the best way to eat it is with french fries and other unhealthy fried snacks and sauces. It was soooo good! I enjoyed every single bit of it. Maybe because I haven’t eaten meat in so long or just because I had the option to eat meat again.

Whether you think I’m a “flexi-tarian” or just a fake-ass vegetarian, it’s okay. I know why I did this and I know that I feel good about myself living this way.

Love, Gala