If you’ve ever been to Holland and Amsterdam in particular on Queensday you’ve probably noticed a lot of crazy people dressed in orange clothes dancing on the streets. Once a year we go all out and celebrate the birthday of our Queen but since she retired two years ago her son succeeded her so that’s why we call it Kingsday from now on. But why orange? The most easy answer to that question is that everybody else is wearing orange and I don’t know any better since the day I’ve been born. No seriously. There’s a legit reason why the whole country turns orange and I will tell you why.

Orange is the color of our Royal house and therefor it’s our national color. But why is orange the color of the Royal house? Well, that answer goes over 500 years back in history. One of our first princes was named Willem van Oranje. And oranje stands for orange in Dutch. Voila, there it is. The reason why we look like orange fools during national celebrations. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because you know what Mr. Sinatra once said: “Orange is the happiest color”.  So to all my fellow Dutchies I’d say, congratulations to our King and go crazy today! And even when you’re not Dutch wear some orange and be happy!

Especially for this day I picked my favorite orange swimwear items to give you some inspiration and show you that orange is a beautiful color. Wear it with pride!

XOXOKingsday 2

1. Agent Provocateur Mazzy popstar cutout swimsuit (here)
2. Despi Glaze orange leopard bikini
3. Topshop black orange strap bikini (similar here)
4. River Island orange jewel strap bikini
5. La Perla Dunes mesh-paneled swimsuit (here)