First trimester | my Bikini MusthavesI’m still over the moon and so thankful for all the sweet and caring messages I’ve received on my pregnancy news last week. If you’ve missed the post you can read it here. I’m currently 21 weeks along so actually in my second trimester. But as promised, I want to share my experiences of my first trimester with you. Ready? Here we go.

So first of all I want to start by saying that this baby I’m carrying is so welcome, and yes, it was planned. I was actually quite amazed by the number of times people asked me this as soon as I told them I was pregnant. And although most people are just curious and interested and don’t mean it in a strange way, it’s still a very personal question I think.

Because what if it wasn’t planned? Does it make it less exciting? Are people going to look at me different because I’ll be a mom that actually didn’t want the baby at that moment? Either way, I think as soon as you starting to realize that there’s a baby growing inside of you, a beautiful creation between you and someone else, you will automatically love it with all of your heart. Whether it was planned or not.

First trimester | my Bikini MusthavesEven though we were trying for a baby I was still shocked when I looked at the positive result of the pregnancy test. 3 tests actually. Shocked, because it happened so soon. At that moment I didn’t really realized what was going on in my body because I felt exactly the same as I did before. But the only thing that kept repeating in my head was: “I’m going to be a mom! I’m going to be a mom!”

The first people we told about our baby news were my mom, my boyfriends family and a couple of my best friends. On one hand you want to be very cautious because the pregnancuy is still so early. But on the other hand you can’t keep this big secret all to yourself. At least I couldn’t.

First trimester | my Bikini MusthavesI found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I expected to be sick and tired right from the beginning but I actually felt great. The same for the following week. My sister in law told me that it all would change at week 6. I remember thinking to myself ‘Gala, don’t worry. You’ll be fine’. But she was right.

On exactly the same day my best friend gave birth to her first baby, morning sickness kicked in. Sick, miserable and no appetite. That’s how my mornings were. Every day. And just when I felt a little better in the afternoon, that’s when the fatigue hit. I’ve never run a whole marathon (not even half a marathon) but I imagined I felt like I had run three marathons in a row. One minute I felt great, the next minute I had to stop what I was doing because my body said “no”.

That was really frustrating to me because I was in such a good flow with my blog and everything that was going on but I JUST.COULDN’T.DO.IT. The things I normally did in one day now took me three days. In the beginning I tried to ignor it but that wasn’t really working so I just had to accept it which, eventually, made me feel better.

But I think the hardest part of it all, besides the morning sickness and extreme tiredness, were the mood swings and crying spells. I never experienced this in my life before on this level. At some points it made me feel like a whole other person which was quite confronting for me.

The fact that I could turn into a complete bitch just because someone said something in the wrong way, or that I could start crying like a baby (and literally kept crying for minutes and minutes) just because my bag with groceries fell on the ground made me question if I suffer from schizophrenia sometimes. I really felt sorry for my boyfriend at those moments but luckily he found a good way to cope with it, after a few times.

First trimester | my Bikini MusthavesAfter 13 or 14 weeks I felt better and noticed that the morning sickness started to go away and my hormones made it a lot easier for me. My energy level slowly starting to rise again week after week. So ladies who are in their first trimester right now and reading this (or if your friend is, please share!), you will feel better! I swear!

Now I’m in my second trimester and I feel great! I try to enjoy every moment and do whatever I want as long as I listen to my body. And yes, I already felt the baby kick! But more on that in my next pregnancy diary about the second trimester.

Stay tuned!

Love, Gala