Vegetarian | My Bikini Musthaves“You, a vegetarian?” Yeah, I know right? Sounds kind of strange. But wait, let me explain! January is the month of reflection for me, especially after a three-week holiday on Curacao where I ate and drank pretty much everything I laid my eyes on. So it was a good moment to enter a detox period of 30 days with no alcohol and a lot of high-intensity workouts.

I have to say, 30 days without alcohol was not hard at all, so during this month of tea/water/coffee overload I said to myself  “why not try to eat no meat and fish for 30 days?” And that’s when the vegetarian inside of me (far, far away though) came out.

Exactly one week after this interesting thought I went to an event of a friend of mine which was called Green up your life! What a coincidence, no? It was all about a healthy way of life without losing your coolness and what major impact the meat industry has on nature and the environment. After her inspirational speech I had no longer an excuse not to do it, so… here I am being all veggie and shit. And you know what? It’s not hard at all, honestly! Let me tell you about this past week where avocados, chickpeas and falafel were my best friends.Vegetarian | My Bikini MusthavesVegetarian | My Bikini Musthaves

Being a vegetarian means no more lasagne!

The evening before I started this animal-free journey I made the most delicious lasagne ever! Why not enjoy it while you still can? But I made so much that the next day the lasagne bowl was still staring at me from the fridge but unfortunately, it was not an option anymore. Breakfast and lunch were easy, but what do I cook for dinner? And do I cook two different meals every day? Because my boyfriend is absolutely not participating in this “crazy new idea” of mine.

So lentil sweet potato soup is was. A first timer, not too bad. The next days were all about easy and quick salads, crackers, fruit and soy yoghurt. And just when I thought I would miss some kind of meat in my schedule I would eat falafel or tempeh (I love tempeh!) for dinner. In the past week, a lot of people have asked me if I’m a vegan or just a “normal vegetarian”. Well, I thought it was wise to start with one thing and see from there. Besides, I don’t think I can completely cut off eggs, yoghurt and cheese. I’m addicted to cheese.

“But really Gala, why are you doing this?” Well, first of all I wanted to see for myself that I don’t need meat and fish in my life to be healthy and alive. I’m used to eating meat all my life so I don’t know any better. And yes, there are certain nutrients in meat and fish that are good for you but the alternatives these days are so good that this can’t be an excuse anymore.

Second, the meat industry and therefore the animal food production is the leading cause of climate change. Yes that’s right! The effect of this is even bigger than both the transportation industry and electricity generation, and is the greatest source of greenhouse gasses. I’m not going to explain to you what this means for the environment and our lives in a couple of decades, because I think you all can imagine.Vegetarian | My Bikini MusthavesVegetarian | My Bikini Musthaves (vegan) sushi galore at the “Green Up Your Life!” event

Another important thing is the welfare of the animals. Eating meat and fish is, like I said, something I grew up with so it’s completely normal for me and probably a large part of the population. It’s always been told that eating meat is normal and healthy for us, so basically we don’t know any better. But stop for a second and really think about what you’re doing while eating a piece of juicy tenderloin or crispy chicken. You’re eating an animal that once had a happy life (hopefully!) and has been killed to provide us with a delicious meal. It’s kind of crazy, right?

Please don’t think I started this meatless-month because I want to lose weight or because I turned into an obsessed person trying to convince all of you to skip the animals in your meals. No, I just want to experience what being a vegetarian means for me and what kind of effects it has. I’ll see what I will do after these 30 days. If I will continue my life as a vegetarian or if I missed eating steak and lasagne too much. But I still have three more weeks to go before I can say I’ve accomplished my task in living a better and healthier life.

After reading this post you might have a totally different opinion about me, or maybe not. Whatever it is, I’m curious to know your point of view! Please share your stories and helpful tips with me and make sure to check back next Sunday for my second veggie update!

Love, Gala