Second trimester | My Bikini MusthavesIt’s amazing how time flies. My second trimester is already over and I can’t believe I will be giving birth to my son in two months.

I’m now 29 weeks pregnant and like I mentioned in my previous post about my first trimester I felt the baby kick for the first time when I was 19 weeks along. That’s now 10 weeks ago and since then I felt him almost every day. One day more than another day but I can say he’s a very active little guy!

So I just came back from our baby moon and I can honestly say, IT WAS AMAZING! I can totally recommend this to any expecting couple. Especially when you’re still in your second trimester. We went to Curacao for 12 days and we did as little as possible, lol. We really enjoyed being on the island and each others company. Crazy to think that this was our last holiday before becoming mommy and daddy.Second trimester | My Bikini MusthavesEnjoying my baby moon to the fullest! Belly is growing so fast :)Second trimester | My Bikini MusthavesI love wearing baby blue!

Other moms often told me I would definitely feel better during my second trimester, and I did. A lot better actually! I was so happy that I wasn’t so tired anymore and that my energy level was back at where it was. I even went out for (alcohol-free) drinks with friends sometimes. I don’t suffer from aliments and I’m so happy that I really can enjoy my pregnancy.Second trimester | My Bikini MusthavesSome of my ultrasounds: from the first one at 8 weeks till the 3D ultrasound at 27 weeks 

During the 27th week of my pregnancy my boyfriend and I decided to do a 3D ultrasound. We were in doubt till the last moment whether or not to do it. Because we also liked the idea to keep it a secret how he would look. But then we thought we would regret it if we didn’t do it so we went. Of course the baby wasn’t really feeling it (just like during all the previous ultrasounds!) but after about 20 minutes he was starting to moves his arms and legs from his face.

It’s weird, mind-blowing and beautiful at the same time to see your own baby that’s still in your belly so clear on a screen. We tried to see who he looks like and he’s definitely a copy of his dad! So cute! The lady also told me the length of his legs are above average so I need to stop buying baby clothes in small sizes :) Second trimester | My Bikini MusthavesSecond trimester | My bikini MusthavesTalking about baby clothes. I bought so much already! I honestly can’t stop. Every time I see a baby store I NEED to go in there and I always end up buying something. Always. I haven’t bought something for myself in weeks or even months but the baby already has full sets of clothes for the first 5 months. Oops!

This weekend we’re going to work on the nursery. All the furniture has already been delivered but we still need to paint the walls first. Although it will be another 10 weeks before he will arrive, I can’t wait to start organising his clothes and decorate his room. Oh, and baby names! We still have to decide on that! We have a few options but it’s not yet clear which one it will be. Maybe we’ll even wait till he’s born!Second trimester | My Bikini MusthavesMorning stretches from the little guy!Second trimester | My Bikini MusthavesGetting so big now!

My due date is November 21st so I think I will write my post about my last trimester at the beginning of that month. It’s always a surprise when exactly the baby will come (unless you have a scheduled appointment) but I already can’t wait!

Now that my second trimester is done I will slow it down a bit more and enjoy my third and last trimester. Spending the last weeks together with my bf before the baby arrives. But I’m curious to know, what were the things you did during your third trimester? Did you slow down, did you still travel? Or did you hardly leave the house?? Let me know in the comments below!

Speak soon ladies!

Love, Gala