Being a vegetarian | My Bikini MusthavesSo I just finished my second week as a vegetarian and I have to say so far, so good. Like I said after my first week (read post here), it’s not hard for me to stay away from meat and fish. Honestly, I don’t really miss eating a big piece of steak or chicken. I really don’t. Never thought I would say this though but it’s true. The only thing I miss sometimes is a turkey sandwich or a salami pizza or things like that. But besides that, no biggie.

That doesn’t mean that it’s already totally in my system. The other day when I went for lunch with friends I almost lost my challenge! We visited a lunch spot that has delicious sandwiches so I ordered the Philly Steak and I didn’t even noticed it, but luckily my friend nudged me and said that the Philly Steak sandwich wasn’t an option for me cause I’m a 30-day vegetarian. Oops!Being a vegetarian | My Bikini MusthavesBeing a vegetarian | My Bikini Musthaves Yes there was meat and fish on the table, but I was with friends who aren’t vegetarians. The falafel and baba ganoush were delicious! 

But later in the week it did happen. Yep, I ate meat. But I didn’t do it intentionally, I swear! Let me explain. I was having a quick dinner with the BF at one of our favorite pizzerias where I always order the truffle pizza, which I thought was vegetarian. After a couple of bites I tasted something strange and I discovered that I was eating Parma ham! And the truth is, it didn’t even taste good. As soon as I discovered the ham on my pizza I removed it and continue eating. It was weird though, don’t I like ham anymore?

Since my life as a vegetarian I’ve noticed that I eat more fruit, eggs and cheese. I don’t know if this is because your body wants you to eat more of these things or because I just don’t know anything else to eat haha! Close to my office there is a juice bar called Dr. Blend and they serve the best juices, smoothies, salads and wraps. I can safely say that Dr. Blend is one of my go-to stops before I’m heading to the office. I also made a lot more salads in the last two weeks and eat them both for lunch and dinner. Easy, healthy and delicious! Being a vegetarian | My Bikini Musthaves

Being a vegetarian in the most healthy and happy way

Maybe it’s weird to say but I feel more clean since I stopped eating meat. It’s not that I have a ton more energy (I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, but let’s just say that’s because of my busy schedule!) or that I sleep better at night, but I just feel healthy or whatever. Is that also your experience when you stopped eating meat?

I’m halfway through my 30-day vegetarian challenge and I know the next two weeks will be easy to accomplish. And because I made a little mistake this week (again, not intentionally!) I promised myself that I will try harder to be a vegetarian in the most healthy and happy way. Wish me luck girls!

Love, Gala