As a vegetarian | My Bikini MusthavesWow! My third week as a vegetarian, who knew! This past week was all about cravings, working out and treating myself to something sweet. Three weeks down, one more to go!

Oh man, I thought it was going to be easier each week and that my body and mind were getting used to not eating meat and fish. But it seems like the longer this challenge takes the harder it gets. Like I said in my post from last week (read it here!), it’s not that I miss eating meat during dinner or on a daily basis, it’s more that I sometimes would like to add some salmon to my eggs or ham to my grilled sandwich. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a juicy hamburger every now and then…

Before I started this challenge as a vegetarian I already ate a lot of meat substitutes like falafel and tofu or I just skipped the protein on some days. But I would still eat meat or fish for maybe two or three times a week so my diet would be more varied than it is now. I have to say that my inspiration for vegetarian meals is running a bit low but luckily I received a vegetarian cookbook from a friend of mine. So the last week of my challenge I’ll show my cooking skills with new veggie recipes! As a vegetarian | My Bikini MusthavesAs a vegetarian | My Bikini Musthaves Delicious pastries at our chic high-tea

Last week I got the question from somebody if my opinion towards vegetarians has changed since I stopped eating meat and fish.  Well, maybe a little bit. I now understand better why they choose not to eat animals, whether this is for health or ethical reasons. And I also can understand that when you’re a vegetarian for a very long time you don’t miss eating meat at all. In recent years, the attention for eating healthy and vegan life has increased enormously and I know actually quite some people in my area that have turned into “flexitarians” and I think this is a very good alternative.As a vegetarian | My Bikini MusthavesWhole-wheat pasta with pesto cream sauce, mushrooms and almonds

But the most important question you would like to get answered is if I failed again this past week, correct? Well, you might be surprised, you might be disappointed but I actually didn’t fail this week! There were some tempting moments, I have to admit, put I pulled through and I still can call myself a vegetarian at this point.

This coming week is the last week of my challenge and after that, I will evaluate the past 30 days and determine if I’ll keep living  as a vegetarian or not. What do you guys think, should I continue or not? Tell me in the comment below!

Love, Gala