gala-8While I’m writing this post I have a smile on my face. It’s 10.45 PM, I’m tired from busy days at work but I’m still smiling. You want to know why? Well, for three reasons and it has everything to do with this brand called LOUISE.  First of all this brand is from Amsterdam and as some of you may know that’s my city of birth, the city I grew up in and the city I still live in today.  I love Amsterdam! And sometimes that means that I automatically love everything that’s made here. The second reason why I’m so happy about this brand is it’s eye for quality and style. Every single piece is handmade by the owner which means the designs are very unique. But the real reason for my current mood is the fact that the photos from this shoot were shot within 10 minutes, right in the owners house and without hair and (hardly any) make-up. Honestly, 5 minutes before starting the shoot I didn’t even know that we would end up making pictures for my blog. Might sound stressful to some of you but it was so much fun! This shoot was unexpected and impulsive to say the least but I think the images came out great. As you can see the pictures are very raw and the editing was minimal and I love it!

gala-7gala-9But let’s talk about the brand. Like I said all the LOUISE bikinis are made in Amsterdam and the brand was launched about two years ago. The funny thing is that de designer started a clothing range and only started selling crochet bikinis this year after her first design became an instant hit among her friends. Before she has finished a new piece the bikini was already sold. Using only Instagram and a website to communicate new styles, it’s amazing to see how much social media can do for your brand.

The bikinis that I’m wearing in these pictures are from the summer 2015 collection. And unfortunately, because of the high demand they’re all sold out at the moment but it will give you an idea of what you can expect for next summer. I took a sneak peek at the 2016 samples and all I can say is, it’s worth the wait! So keep an eye at my Instagram account and I’ll tell you when LOUISE is back.gala-6gala-3gala-1gala-2