Holiday in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesYeahhh! In two days I’ll be leaving for my holiday in Curacao! :) Why I’m so excited? Well, it has been over six months since I last chilled in a bikini on the beach. Besides that, I will see my friends and family again and I’ll be celebrating my birthday in the sun again! Yes ladies, it’s my birthday this Friday and you can still ask me your most original question (here) which I will answer in a post on my birthday.

But what do I bring with me on my three week holiday in Curacao? Well, a lot of bikinis that’s for sure! Haha I think my suitcase is for 60% filled with bikinis (oops!) and I’ll probably buy some more while I’m there… But what are my go-to items which I’ll be definitely using on a daily basis in Curacao? I will tell you!Holiday in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesTriangl Farrah bikini
Let’s start with the most important essential on my beach holiday, a bikini! I choose this Farrah bikini because it’s a relatively new style in the Triangl collection and I love the color! I haven’t worn it yet because I want to wear it on Curacao for the first time. Can’t wait to share the pictures with you on Instagram!

Komono sunglasses
I can be very short about these sunglasses. They’re just amazing!

Garnier sunscreen
Another important thing to bring with me to Curacao is sunscreen of course! I can’t go to the beach (or anywhere in Curacao actually) without it. As I’m getting ‘older’ I’m taking better care of my skin and I think it’s really important to protect it with high SPF. That’s why I choose for Garnier Sensitive Expert+ SPF50. It protects my skin, is water resistant and doesn’t stick.Holiday in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesBondi to Brazil body scrub
To prepare myself for a relaxing beach day I always scrub my entire body the night before. This way you get rid of all your dead skin cells and your new tan looks healthier and stays longer! The scrub I’m really a big fan of right now is Bondi to Brazil from Australia. It’s made from Arabica coffee beans, almond oil, Himalayan pink salt and cinnamon and it also fights any possible cellulite and reduces stretch marks (thank you Lord!)

Body mist
Less concentrated than a perfume but still strong enough to make you smell good on the beach. A couple of weeks ago I published a blog post about beach fragrances (read here) and I told you that I always use one while I’m on the beach. My favorite body mist at the moment is from & Other stories. I use it almost every day! The Sirocco Sands scent is perfect for a tropical day in the sun.

Holiday in Curacao | My Bikini MusthavesEssie nail polish
One thing I won’t leave at home when I’m going on a holiday is nail polish! I often bring 3 or 4 colors with me so I can change the color on my nails for different occasions. I think Essie has very bright and fun colors and the brush is perfect for me! My favorite colors of this moment are Funny Face, Mint Candy Apple and Bikini So Teeny (no-brainer right?)

Denim shorts
Denim shorts all the way baby! You all know I really love beach dresses when I’m on holiday but I can wear the same denim shorts literally every day haha! It fits with every bikini you’re wearing and is very practical. I think I have around 12 different denim shorts and it’s always hard to choose a 2 or 3 to bring with me cause I can’t bring them all :(

So now you know which essentials I’ll be taking with me to Curacao and are very important to me. I can’t wait to share my pictures with you so keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook accounts! What is your number one essential for a beach holiday? Tell me!

Love GalaHoliday in Curacao | My Bikini Musthaves