On May 5th reality star Kim Kardashian released a 400 page book filled with selfies she made in the last 10 years as a special gift for her hubby. I’d say you don’t need a book if you want to see sexy selfies of Kim K, just scroll down her Instagram page and you’ll be entertained for hours! But Kim assured us that there are plenty of never seen before pics in her Selfish book. So if you’re not already addicted to Ms. Kardashian-West you probably will be after reading this book.

Apart from all the figure hugging dresses and sensual lingerie the Armenian beauty wore a lot of barely-there bikinis from brands like Mikoh, Michael Kors and Kaohs swimwear. She always knows what looks best on her body to emphasize her famous assets. But the most important thing I want to know is  how to make the perfect bikini selfie (without using Photoshop). It only takes 5 easy steps. Here we go!

Pick a bikini that looks good on your skin tone, that cover your flaws and accentuate your favorite body parts. But most importantly, choose a bikini where you feel comfortable in!

Fix your make-up and do your hair. Preferably wet hair and minimal make-up for the ultimate beachlook. Make them believe that you just came out of the ocean like a true mermaid.

Double check your background! I think 7 out of 10 bikini selfies are made in the bathroom. Which is not a problem, unless your dirty underwear is still laying on the floor or some neighbour is photobombing your pic through the windows. Yes, I’ve seen it all. So please, double check your background.

Search for your best photo angle. Is a front view the best way to show your abs? Or do you prefer a side view to give a glimpse of your round buttocks? Try out some poses and see what works best for you. Oh and don’t forget to place one leg before the other. It really makes your legs look thinner.

Last but not least, go for a facial expression that matches your mood and outfit! Kim’s favorite look is a perfect pout (read: duckface) and a sensual glance in the camera. But if you want to smile, than smile! Or look away from the camera, try it! The selfie will only come out perfect if you feel good about yourself and express that in every way you can.

See some inspiration for the perfect bikini selfie below! XOXO