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We all know that using sun protection on the beach is very important and you’d be a fool if you’re not applying it several times a day. But it’s not only your face and body you need to protect. What about your hair? And you don’t want to damage those beautiful lips, right? Unfortunately a lot of people only take good care during their stay on the beach but don’t take the important steps afterwards. And because you want to look good day-to-night here are a few easy tips to follow if you want to stay healthy and hydrated.

1. Take a shower
Yes, it does sounds so easy. But it’s often enough that people only take a shower a couple of hours after leaving the beach. A beach party or BBQ can sometimes be the cause of this. But only if it’s a quick shower to get rid of the salt, sand and layers of sunscreen that’s sticked to your body that’s already a step in the right direction. Needless to say to use a fresh scent shower gel.

2. Moisturize to the max
As soon as you’re coming out of the shower apply a moisturizing body cream all over your body. Here you have the option of using a regular body cream or butter, or an after sun lotion. I prefer after sun because it soothes any possible sunburn and it rehydrates your body. The combination of sun and salt can be very drying to your skin so give it a boost by massaging the cream onto your body. Take a minute. Or two.

3. Fresh face
I often scrub my face before I go to the beach. Exfoliating your skin is necessary and you’ll see immediate results. After a long beach day your face can be shiny and sticky and you just want to remove all the mess. Use a (deep) cleanser with menthol for example to get an ultimate fresh feeling. Apply a hydrating cream right after.

4. Save the hair
Just like your face and body, your hair needs the attention too. You’ve probably – and hopefully – used a protection spray during the day not only to protect your hair from the sun but also to keep it tangle free. This saves a lot of work in the evening. Just simply wash it and use a deep conditioner or hair mask to save it from dryness and getting frizzy. Comb it out and voila, your healthy locks are back.

5. Water, water, water
I can’t say this often enough but also after spending the day on the beach it’s important to continue drinking water. I usually only feel when I get home how dry my skin is. Drinking 0.5 liters of water when you get out of the shower will make you feel even better. Also the day after. So you can repeat your sun soaked routine again.

Stay sexy ladies! XOXO