Essie nail polish | My Bikini MusthavesSo you don’t wear nail polish when you’re on holiday, or maybe you do. Either way, I want to share my love for Essie nail polish with you! This is by far my favorite nail polish brand when it comes to beach essentials and I will tell you why a little further down this post. But first, let’s do a little “did-you-know-game” about this multi-million dollar company.

Did you know the brand started back in 1981 (way before I was born!) in America but it was until 2012(!) when they expanded to Europe? That the first three colors that made Essie nail polish famous are still in the collection today? That Essie is part of the L’Oreal family since 2010? And did you know that late Joan Rivers was one of the first celebrity customers of Essie, and that even Princess Kate Middleton wore Essie nail polish on the day of her marriage?? Well, now you know! Essie nail polish | My Bikini MusthavesEssie nail polish | My Bikini Musthaves

Why I love Essie nail polish?

So, why do I love Essie nail polish so much? Because there are soooo many other nail polish brands that are pretty awesome as well, right? Let me give it to you short and simple:

1) Essie has a really efficient and broad brush so it takes only like, 2 or 3 swipes to cover your whole nail
2) I love that you can choose from over 300 different colors. For instance, if you like the color red you can choose between 20 different shades. Nail it. Literally.
3) Talking about colors, every single one of them has the most original name that already puts a smile on my face before using it
4) Price friendly. Because let’s be honest, who wants to pay more than $10 for nail polish?
5) Essie has an extensive spa treatment collection so you can make sure you have perfectly manicured hands at any time (of course we all go to the salon for this, but still)

Essie nail polish | My Bikini MusthavesMy favorite Essie nail polish colors:  Funny Face (pink), Mint Color Apple (green), E-nuf is e-nuf (red), Bikini So Teeny (violet, most popular Essie color!)

When I’m not traveling to sunny places I normally wear more toned downed colors like taupe, burgundy or nude. But when I’m on the beach it’s a whole other story. The brighter, the better! I always bring very bold or pastel colors with me when I travel because I think these kind of colors are more suitable for the beach. They make me happy and excited! And, together with a nice tan it will make your hands look even slimmer ;)

Babes, if you like Essie as much as I do I’ve got good news for you! I’m hosting a HUGE giveaway for my 1-year blog anniversary and there are two Essie colors in it! The giveaway will start on April 5th through my Instagram account so make sure to follow me (if you aren’t already) to make a chance!

Love, Gala


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