X158431_TK4_17_07592Supermodel, cook, fashionista, writer and wifey. How many labels can pretty lady Chrissy Teigen have? More than one, that’s for sure! I love her no-nonsense, honest attitude and ability to make you laugh in the most painful situations. A little humor and good looks can bring you a whole way. Given the fact that she’s a professional model for over nine years, was on covers of several magazines and appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues six times.

Now we all know that the ideal image of super models is skinny, skinny and skinny. And that’s exactly the part where Chrissy not always fits in. She has a slim and healthy body in my opinion, but for model standards she tends more towards the fuller size models (with 1.74m and 55 kilos I think she’s still below average in weight, but okay). You give a wrong signal to all the women out there with natural curves if you ask me but let’s not get into that discussion right now. Because I want to share this article I’ve read which stated that SI swimsuit does not want Chrissy to loose any weight before their photoshoots! Chrissy is very confident about her body and doesn’t necessarily goes on a strict diet to get a new modelling job, but it’s good to hear that the demand for natural curved women also comes from the client every now and then.

“We’ve celebrated and tried to promote healthy, curvy and athletic body types since the magazine launched in 1964. Trends come and go in the fashion industry, and body types fall in and out of favor. But here at SI Swimsuit, we’re always celebrating the healthy, curvy female. It’s who we are as a magazine and it’s what we believe is beautiful.” said SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day on this topic. Well said MJ! Keep up the good work and please don’t stop casting beautiful, curvy and funny girls like Chrissy!Chris teigenChrissyChris TChrissy T

All images by Sports Illustrated