Summer body work-out | My Bikini Musthaves“When do you start working on your summer body?” This is a question I often get from people. And I have to admit that I work-out a lot and stay healthy throughout the year because I have to do a lot of shoots for my blog. But I will be completely honest with you, as soon as the summer is over I’m not that strict anymore when it comes to going to the gym. That’s because I have less shoots after September and it’s getting colder and darker outside (I try to do home exercises, I swear!). But then comes the month of November and I realize that the year is almost over and Christmas is around the corner. And Christmas equals food, drinks, party and more food. So that’s a tough month in terms of following a diet and staying healthy for most of us. For that reason I prepare myself (and my body in particular) for Holiday season and it’s aftermath. So to answer the question I started this post with: in November! Yes… I know it sounds crazy but let me break it down for you ladies.

November – December
Every year I’m going on holiday during Christmas and New Years so I don’t have to tell you that there’s a lot of champagne, cocktails and (birthday)cakes involved and little gym sessions. Each time I get back home my good shape is nowhere to be found and I have to start all over again. For that reason I try to keep my endurance level high and instead of running once a week I increase this to twice a week in November and December. Oh and I reduce the number of desserts from 3 to 1 a week :)

January – February
The first two weeks of January I’m still a little under the radar and I don’t really work out. Maybe some home exercises when I feel like it. As soon as I get back from holiday I start my detox period of at least three weeks. In these weeks I don’t drink any alcohol and take hardly any sugar. I eat a lot of green vegetables for both lunch and dinner and I drink freshly made juices almost every day. At the end of January I start my cardio work-outs again and in February I make sure to be back in the gym at least three times a week.Summer body work-out | My Bikini Musthaves

March – April
Ok ideally speaking I want to be summer ready end of April because May can have really nice weather and if the opportunity comes to wear a bikini I’ll take it! You want to feel confident while wearing your (new) bikini for the first time so make sure your goal is to be bikini ready somewhere in May. Therefore I increase my number of work-outs to 4 times a week with a mix of boxing, cardio and yoga. In March I pick up my outside work-outs again and love to go to the park in my eye-cathing new sport outfit. I spotted a super cool Adidas catsuit last week on internet that’s definitely on my wishlist.

Summer body work-out | My Bikini MusthavesMay
READY FOR SUMMER! Well, almost. I make sure to tone my body a bit more by adding daily ab exercises to my routine like crunches, jack-knives and planking. At this stage I only eat healthy stuff (ok, with a little cheat meal every now and then) and try to eat six smaller portion a day instead of three bigger ones. This way I don’t feel bloated and stay energized throughout the whole day.

June – July – August
You’ve made it. Summer’s here and you worked your ass off to get that bikini body you want. Be proud of yourself and enjoy summer!

Now tell me, what is your work-out plan for your ultimate summer body? Feel free to share some tips!

Love Gala 

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