Flattering swimsuits | My Bikini MusthavesHow is it going with this year’s resolutions?? Are you working on that bikini body or did you already give up? If so, this post about flattering swimsuits could be something for you. A little help in the right places never hurts, right?

Trust me, every woman gets excited about flattering swimsuits. Yes, even women with size 6 who are called ‘normal sized women’ can really benefit from a swimsuit that tucks in the right places. Here’s why.Flattering swimsuits | My Bikini MusthavesMeridian spliced swimsuit by JETS swimwear

Flattering swimsuits will make you feel more confident because it smooths lumps and bumps to create a clean silhouette, so you don’t have the feeling that everyone is looking at you for the wrong reasons. If you’re lucky with a slim figure without working your ass off for it, flattering swimsuits are still an option.

When you’re a bit insecure about your tummy area and you’d love to have it one or two sizes smaller, I suggest to go for a swimsuit with side shirring. Side shirring creates the ultimate hourglass shape without wearing uncomfortable shapewear.Flattering swimsuits | My Bikini MusthavesApart from hiding possible muffin tops at the hips, flattering swimsuits are also great for minimizing or accentuating your chest. Swimsuits with plunging necklines are good to show off your décolletage, how big or small your bust are (and it also visually lengthens your body!).

If you want to minimize your boob area, go for wide straps so this will slim down your chest. You could also choose for a high-neck swimsuit but this will give you a sporty look and also accentuates your shoulders.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, flattering swimsuits are suitable for every body type. Just look for the style that emphasizes your best body parts and it’ll make you forget about your resolutions quickly…

Love Gala

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Steal the show in one of the flattering swimsuits below!