New bikini | My Bikini MusthavesOk, so we all have our favourites. And we all want to look amazing without spending a fortune. But when we do spend a fortune on a new bikini we want to show it off as often and long as possible. That’s just how women work.

And although I’m all for wearing your classics every season again and stick to a bikini you feel most comfortable in, sometimes it’s just time. Yes, time to buy a new bikini! Of course I hope that my blog and weekly content is encouraging enough for you to basically want to buy a new bikini almost every week, but if not this post is for you.

Set aside your financial situation or which season it is. If you recognise yourself in three or more signs mentioned below, it’s time girl. And I’m more than happy to help.

1) First things first. In any case of discolouration, stretched fabric or missing hardware it’s always time for a new bikini. I can’t stress enough how important it is to look good on the beach! Not only your body, but also your bikini has to be on point. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to your favourite bikini but sometimes you just have to cut the cord.

2) When you got an old bikini from your best friend because it no longer fits her and you find out that it also belonged to her little sister and her BFF… Vintage is cool, but not when it comes to bikinis.

3) You’ve tied the strings of your bottom as tightly as possible, but it still looks saggy as if you’re wearing a diaper. You’ve probably lost weight or the quality of your bikini is just poor. Nowadays it’s often possible to buy your top and bottom separately so you can choose the best size for your body shape.

It’s always time for a new bikini…

4) When the bottom part of your breasts are peeping from under your bikini top, it’s time. I see this sooo often on the beach! Let’s face it, your top is too small. It’s not cute nor sexy. You need a bigger top size babe. Perfect reason to buy a new bikini, right?

5) If you’re looking at your bikini drawer and come to the realisation that all of your bikinis are at least 3 years old. Trust me, if you’re wearing the same bikinis for over three years you can buy yourself a new one. When was the last time you bought new shoes? Exactly.

6) When you’re pregnant, full hormones and frustrated about the fact that you don’t fit your favourite pieces anymore. I think all mommy’s can relate to this. And honestly, there isn’t a better excuse if you ask me. Just buy the damn thing!

7) When you are on the beach with your bf and he’s checking out other bikini babes instead of you. Of course this may have some other reason but I suggest to buy a new bikini to draw the attention back to you. I mean, what man can resist a brand new Mara Hoffman bikini?

Convinced? Good! Let’s start shopping! If you’re looking for a Little Black Bikini (which is always good) read my 7-step guide to find your perfect one here. Or check out these cool styles worth investing in below. And remember,  you can never have too many bikini!

Love, Gala