7 things you need to know before buying a Triangl bikini

Triangl bikiniI think I can safely say that Triangl swimwear is still one of the most popular swimwear brands of the last couple of years. Celebrities, bloggers and bikini lovers from all over the world are showing their colorful Triangl bikini on Instagram. And it looks like they ain’t gonna stop anytime soon.

I actually own a couple of Triangl bikinis myself and I always receive a lot of compliments when wearing them. The bikinis are cute and I can honestly say I’m very happy with them, but there are a couple of things I wish I had known before buying them. And yes, I will share them all with you here!

Triangl bikini
Triangl bikini

1) All Triangl bikinis are made in China and are only available through the brand’s webshop. They’re not being sold in stores or online across the globe, so the only way to get your hands on a brand new Triangl bikini is to buy it on their website. Any other way would mean it’s fake.

Triangl bikini

2) As the bikinis are made in and shipped from China, this will mean you have to pay shipping costs and import duties with every order. In my case, I had to pay about 60 euros extra on top of the price of the bikini. It was worth it though, but it’s good to know about these extra costs up front.Triangl bikini3) If you decide to buy something online it’s always a big surprise in what condition your package will arrive. You don’t have to worry about this with your Triangl order. The neoprene bikini will be delivered in a big, high-quality box complete with a personal note and care instructions. I think this is a big bonus because it makes you instantly happy as soon as the postman arrives :)

4) When I bought my first Triangl bikini a couple of years ago, they only sold hipster bottoms with medium coverage. This was probably the only thing I didn’t like about Triangl because I love small coverage bottoms. But by now they have released new styles including ‘cheeky bottoms’. So make sure to double check which style you order because it makes a huge difference!

5) Don’t put your Triangl bikini in the washing machine! Do. Not. I know most swimwear brands tell you not to put your bikini in the washing machine but I have to admit I’ve done this in the past #confessionofabikiniblogger. But with a Triangl bikini you’ll definitely see difference in the bright colors if you’re using a washing machine. So handwash only ladies!Triangl bikiniTriangl bikini6) You want to wear your new Triangl bikini to the beach? Great, show it off! But remember that you’ll see at least three other women in these very recognizable neoprene bikinis. Sorry, but it’s true. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)

7) Triangl swimwear has a detailed size chart with not just the regular small through large sizes. Their size chart runs from XXS up to XL and even a S+ and S++ for the tops. These last two sizes are specifically designed for women with a smaller underbust and bigger busts. This means a Triangl bikini is suitable for a large part of the female population with all those different cup sizes. But please make sure to check out the size chart, measure up and decide which size will make your boobs look best!

Loves, I hope these things will help you in the decision-making process for your next Triangl bikini and that you will be as happy with the bikini as I am! Feel free to share this post with fellow Triangl lovers by clicking on the social buttons below. Would love to know if you’re considering buying one of these uber popular bikinis anytime soon? Let me know in the comment below!

Love Gala

The sizes that I’m wearing in these pictures are as follows:

Dark blue bikini: Maci Riverside Sparkle, top & bottom in size M (here)
Green bikini: Inesa Sacremento, top S+ & bottom M (here)
Light blue bikini: Andrea Ocean top M & bottom L (here)

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