Swim shorts | My Bikini MusthavesSince I started my swimwear blog I never posted a blog that was addressed to men. When 90% of your visitors are women, that’s not really surprising. But ladies that’s about to change! It’s time to buy new swim shorts for your man and I’m going to help you!

I think buying new swim shorts is the best present you can give your man. It’s original, useful and you can choose your own budget. So if you don’t have any idea what to buy your love for next Valentine’s Day, I hope this post will help you. And if you use the following tips I’m sure he will thank you forever.Swim shorts | My Bikini Musthaves1) Look at the brands he’s wearing in his clothing/outerwear. Does he spend a lot of money on clothing? And does he always wear the same (type of) brands? If you answered both these questions with yes, then I suggest to buy a brand that he’s familiar with and to spend some cash. Good quality swim shorts start around $70 so sped your money wisely.

2) Take a look at his clothing style. Is he a slim fit guy? Go for short and fitted shorts. If he’s more a regular fit guy than I suggest to buy swim shorts with a regular, mid-thigh length. And when he likes to wear loose fit clothing then you have to look for board shorts.

3) If this is the first swim short you’re buying for him, don’t make him feel uncomfortable with your choice. So if he’s very consistent in his clean and sober colors, don’t surprise him with a crazy print in bold colors. Unless you want that swim short to end up in his bottom drawer to never be seen again.

4) Continuing on point 3, don’t buy black swim shorts! So boring! And unlike clothing, black doesn’t do anything good for a man on the beach.Swim shorts | My Bikini Musthaves5) Be sure to choose the right type of zipper for him. You have different kinds of zippers but the most common and convenient one is elastic. But if you want to go for a more street style swim short, look for belt buckle or button style zippers.

6) Always make sure that you have the option to return your item if it’s not to his liking. A lot of (online) swimwear stores don’t accept returns on swimwear or sometimes not even a refund.

7) Determine if your man needs an inner slip in his swim shorts. The inner slip serves to prevent that his ‘business’ rubs against the front of his swim short. Some men don’t like inner slips so they wear a boxer short under their short. In that case an inner short isn’t necessary.

8) Check whether the swim short isn’t transparent. You can do so by making sure the short is lined and just to be sure, I would avoid the color white at any times.

I hope this lists will help you in finding the perfect swim shorts for your man! Because just like a lot of others things, he could use a little help every now and then lol. And let me help you with a perfect selection of beautiful beach shorts below! Or check out the collections of Asos or Zalando!

Love, Gala