It speaks for itself that a bikini addict like me loves to spend hours on reading magazines and blogs but even more scrolling down Instagram feeds of enviable bikini babes. Besides checking out the latest bikinis and how they fit on them it’s evenly important to check out their bodies. At least it is for me. There are a few BB’s (bikini babes) that are on my so called Instagram speed-dial. I’m not talking about celebrities or high-paid super models, but interesting young ladies who are not afraid to show their fit and healthy bodies. Here are 5 of my favorite bikini bodies of the moment (oh, did I mention I love me some curves??) and I dare you to pick  your favorite:foto 3-8foto 2-7

Rocky Barnes
Rachel Barnes – aka Rocky – is one of my favorite bikini girls out there. This model lives in LA and does a lot of bikini modelling but also lingerie and clothing. I like her because she doesn’t have a standard ‘model look’ and a body to die for. She’s very fit due to clean eating and working out several times a week. On Instagram she takes her followers everywhere her jobs takes her and loves to capture beautiful bold colors.

foto 5-3foto 3-5

Bo Koehler
This 23-years old Puerto Rican/Dutch model now lives in New York and is chasing her dreams. I put her on this list because of her famous latin curves which I’m a big fan of and of course, she has a cute fac. She’s been casted for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 so we will see her in a lot more bikinis next year (hopefully)!

foto 1-7foto 4-5

Natasha Oakley
You can call her the ultimate Bikini Queen (but for how long, mwuahaha…) with an amazingly 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Together with her partner in crime she earns her money by posing in a bikini every single day #dreamjob
And therefore you have to stay fit which is a day job itself looking at her pictures. Well, at least it’s easier to persuade you into buying the bikini.

foto 1-9foto 3-7
Karina Irby
Karina is owner and designer of bikini brand Moana which produces sexy brazilian cut bikinis from Australia. Karina is what they call in Instagram language ” a true mermaid” and loves to spend her days at the beach. So her Instagram feed is filled with ocean, bikini and boyfriend pics. Besides her work for Moana she has the time to do 200 squads a day to keep that booty in shape.

foto 1-8foto 2-6 Niykee Heaton
This 20-year old bombshell took over the internet not only because of her self-recorded videos on Youtube but I think her butt has something to do with it as well. Some may think she’s a bit vulgar but I kinda like that. And although perhaps not everything on her body is natural, she knows how to work it in a bikini.

Now tell me, which bikini body is your favorite?


All images are from Instagram