Swimwear trends for 2016 | My Bikini MusthavesLet’s talk trends! Swimwear trends for 2016 that is! I know you ladies are looking for a new bikini or one piece at the moment so I thought it was time to share some trends with you that I see a lot in new swimwear collections, on the beach and of course Instagram (where would we be without Instagram ladies?). If you’re still unsure about what bikini to choose, this post will most definitely help you out. Let me tell you what’s trending NOW.

1) Sportive
Sportive swimwear is a trend that we’ve seen more and more each season since everybody has decided to start living healthy and workout multiple times a week. Before that, sportive styles were very popular among surf babes and tom boys but now even Beyonce and Rihanna are rocking long-sleeve rash guards on the beach (or anywhere they want actually). I even heard some people are wearing these sportive tops to the gym! Well, I’ll just keep it to paddle boarding or surfing. 

2) Cut-outs
Last week I posted about cut-out one pieces and why everyone can wear this style (read post here), but I want to remind you that cut-outs are not only trending in one pieces but the holes are also popular in bikini tops and bottoms. And that’s why cut-outs are one of the swimwear trends for 2016. What I love about cut-outs is that you can completely decide yourself how much skin you want to show and to which point you feel comfortable. This is your go-to style for this summer!

3) Crop tops 
My favourite trend for 2016! Not very ideal for a good tan-session, I know, but you can really show your own personal style with crop top bikinis. Some people think crop tops are only available in sportive styles but that’s not true! Take a look at the red bikini for instance or choose one with mesh or macramé-paneling. Oh and one more tip, if you go for a crop top halter style bikini make sure you choose low rise bottom otherwise your torso will look very short.

4) Crochet 2.0
Are we done with crochet bikinis, or are we still loving them? Well, either you love or hate them, most brands made some updates in the classic crochet styles which I love! Of course you still want to wear crochet bikinis but give it a modern twist by choosing a bikini that combines crochet paneling with other types of material. Crochet bikini top with neoprene fabric anyone? Love love love!

5) Not your average material
Do you really want to stand out with your swimwear? Go for not so obvious fabrics like denim, metallic or velvet! Now that’s something different right? Don’t worry, you can definitely swim in these kind of materials and the quality will last long. I have to admit that some styles are better for tanning only but then again, we don’t need to be in the water every day right?  

6) Macramé-paneled swimwear
A twist (literally!) on the crochet trend and most of the time applied to the top or back of the piece. I can be very short about this trend, it’s fun and flirty. And also great to wear outside of the beach. Shorts, slippers, let’s go!

7) Strapless one pieces
My loyal readers already noticed that strapless one pieces were a hot topic a couple of weeks ago on my blog (read here) and it wasn’t without reason. These type of one pieces are not only for new moms or curvy ladies, lord no! They look amazing on tall, slim bodies too. If you have bigger breast, just make sure to wear a one piece with underwire to keep everything in place ;)

8) Wrap bikini tops
Wrap bikini tops definitely belong to the swimwear trends for 2016! And also in this trend you have several variations. Like the front cross wrap (see in black below) and of course the thinner and wider wraps in the tops. I always advise to wear the thinner straps if you have smaller breasts and the wider straps are perfect if you’re privileged with a fuller cup size. You’ll see these styles a lot in the Ondademar, Vix and JETS collections but I’ve selected my favourite ones below. Loving the zig-zag print at the top!

So, there you have it. The 8 best swimwear trends for 2016! Some are new, others we’ve seen before but are still loved by many. Either way, there’s more than enough to choose from for everyone. If you haven’t made up your mind yet which trend to follow, just keep a close eye on my Instagram account for more inspiration.

And please tell me, which trend is your personal favourite??

Love, Gala
8 Best swimwear trends for 2016 | My Bikini Musthaves