ErgKpeW8_tlRWOewxORrPoYQP-L7nqyxKR4edFpmq8cEvery now and then there is a moment that everybody’s talking about that new swimwear brand and it feels as if it comes out of nowhere. And from the first time you hear about it you’ll all of a sudden hear or read about it almost on a weekly basis. Regularly posted on Instagram, shown in a magazine or seen on the beaches of Ibiza. That brand is Kiini. Started only two years ago and taking over the swimwear world already.

This incredibly popular brand is founded by Turkish born, New York based Ipek Irgit. As in most cases, Ipek was looking for a unique but comfortable bikini for herself. Something that wasn’t already worn by all the others and with great colors and good support. Because she couldn’t find what she was looking for she decided to design it herself.

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Kiini bikinis are all handmade and embodies the bohemian vibe but in a modern way. Typically crochet bikinis aren’t supportive but by adding in elastic they’re not only suitable for small breasts, Ipek herself has a good 34D in front of her so the bikinis are designed for all sizes. I can’t wait till there will be more new styles and new colors added shortly. But in the meantime I’ll be saving up money for another one of the current collection. Because honestly, these babies ain’t cheap. They retail for about €300 each. And still they’re selling like crazy. You don’t have to convince me. Get it while it’s hot!