My first brand post is dedicated to SAUIPE swimwear. The reason for this is that when I decided to start a bikini blog a couple of months ago, SAUIPE was the first brand I got in contact with in preparation for my photoshoot. So I think it’s only logical that SAUIPE is featured in this category for the first time. Oh and I love the brand.

SAUIPE was founded in 2006 by Brazilian sisters Marcia Hacker and Mery Kilimnic. This brand’s name is inspired by Costa do Sauipe, a beautiful and exotic destination near Salvador. Marcia and Mery are running this company for almost 10 years now and they bring a strong collection every summer. In every collection they have a wide range of different styles. You’ll find triangle and bandeau tops, cut-out one pieces, high waist bikinis and several basic black bikinis to mention a few. They love to use bold prints and special materials so you have enough to choose from! Apart from their once-a-year collection they always come up with a couple of new styles during the year to keep it interesting. The most popular styles come back every year, but usually in different colors or prints. So keep an eye on their social media if you’re looking for an exotic bikini.

Despite that SAUIPE was founded in Brazil, they are probably most popular in the US. They’ve been featured in several magazines like Fitness, Shape and Sports Illustrated and their swimwear is sold in boutiques across the globe. Now it’s time to conquer Europe!
I own a couple of SAUIPE bikinis and I have to say that like many other South American brands the fit is quite small which gives you a sexy feeling. SAUIPE labels her fit as conservative Brazilian. Which means that the bottom styles range from less coverage to full coverage. So don’t expect any thong bikinis is this collection.

SAUIPE_Sacha_white SAUIPE_Pandora_morocco Sauipe-2566

To describe the 2015 Moroccan collection in a number of words: exotic, charming, intriguing and enchanting. SAUIPE draws inspiration from the rich colors present in Morroco’s cuisine, architecture, the presence of a magnificent desert and amazing surf beaches. A collection that is modern with classic touches and rich colors, truly feminine.

Starting in 2016, SAUIPE will bring two full collections each year. One for Holiday (available end of Fall 2015) and a second collection for Spring/Summer (available February 2016). At this point they’re already finished designing the 2016 collection and they will be shooting this campaign in May. I can’t wait for the results and will definitely post it on my blog!

If you want to look sexy and confident in your bikini go check out their collection. Brazilians never disappoint when it comes to sexy and confident…

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