Hi loves! How’s your Saturday so far? Are you busy with getting your hands on the last Christmas gifts for your loved ones or are you all set? Do you celebrate Christmas at all?? Tell me!

I celebrate Christmas every year but I’m not only celebrating Christmas but also my birthday! Yes, my birthday is December 25th girls! I often get the question if I find it weird to celebrate my birthday on December 25th. My simple answer to that is: no. I’ve been celebrating my birthday on this day for 28 years now so I don’t know any better. Of course, there are a few things that are less fun like not everyone is able to come to your birthday party because they have other commitments and the fact that you’re not the only one that’s getting presents on Christmas lol! But there are also perks of being born on December 25th. For instance that I never have to work on my birthday and that I get not one but two gifts on that day (or a really expensive one!)

But back to the topic of this post! I know it can be difficult to buy a bikini for a friend -or even your girlfriend- because it’s very personal and you don’t know how the bikini will fit exactly. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a bikini for your girl because if she’s a bikini addict like me she will appreciate it even more. But I hear you thinking, where do I start…? Don’t worry! I have a few tips & tricks to help you buy the perfect two-piece and score a few points:

1 First, check if it’s possible to return the bikini at the store in case it doesn’t fit or you and your girl aren’t on the same page in terms of style. At some stores, it’s possible to return but others don’t accept them. So if you’re not sure about the bikini and you don’t have the possibility to return it, don’t buy it and look further.

2 If you want to buy a bikini for a friend but you’re not exactly sure what she likes I suggest to buy a bikini in a physical store rather than online. The staff in store can give you good advice and will help you to find what you’re looking for. But if you have a clear idea of what brands she likes and colors she wears it’s easier to buy it online. You don’t have to leave the house, easy as that.

Buy a bikini | My Bikini Musthaves3 Take a good look on the type of clothing she normally wears. If she’s the type that wears black most of the time and doesn’t really stand out in her clothing choices, don’t try to get her out her comfort zone by buying a color-block bikini. If you buy a bikini for your friend you want her to actually wear it and not giving it away to somebody because she feels uncomfortable in it. Also, if your friend only wears designer clothes it’s more likely that she will adore a bikini from an actual swimwear brand and not H&M or Zara (no offense :x). Yes, the price is higher but it’s worth it because the quality is better and she will appreciate it more.

4 The most tricky part if you want to buy a bikini for somebody else is to determine the size and fit. Of course, her bra size can give you a good indication but the sizing can vary by brand. So always ask how the sizing is of the particular brand! If your friend has very big breasts I advise you not do buy a triangle or bandeau bikini top, simply because it doesn’t give enough support for her. Go for a halter or underwire top. In terms of the bottoms, just check what kind of girl she is. Does she work out a lot and is proud to show off her fit bikini body? Buy a Brazilian cut bottom. If she’s more modest or maybe insecure about some body parts, buy a full coverage bottom or even a hipster style. Nowadays a lot of brands have mix and match collections so it’s easy to pick your favorite styles!

5 Last but not least, buy a bikini that you like too! It’s a personal gift so it’s important that you like what you’re giving her. She will love the bikini even more if she knows you picked it out yourself and that it’s something that you think looks cute on her too.

I hope this helped you out a little and it’s now easier for you the buy a bikini for someone in the future! Because for me, a bikini is one of the coolest gifts somebody could give me because it’s personal and out of the box and truth to be told, you will hit the gym a couple of times extra because you definitely want to look good in that bikini you got from your (boy)friend!

Have you ever received a bikini as a gift from someone? Was it something you liked or did you return it immediately? Would love to know!

Here are some of my favorite online swimwear stores: Beach Café, Everything But WaterNet a Porter and Nic Del Mar.

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