Cut-out one pieces | My Bikini MusthavesOk I know what you think, you love the swimsuit that I’m wearing in this picture but it does not fit your body type. Or you first need to loose a couple of pounds before you’re even thinking of trying it on. Am I right? Cut-out one pieces aren’t for everybody, that’s true. But let me tell you why I think you shouldn’t immediately cut off the cut-outs.

When I first saw the popularity of the cut-out one pieces rising  a couple of years ago, I thought they were a little too revealing and maybe even a bit vulgar. After all, you’re wearing a one piece for a reason, why would you cut out the fabric? But when I saw big brands like Mara Hoffman and JETS swimwear picking up this trend I could see more the beauty of it. Because let’s get one thing clear, there is a big difference between cut-out one pieces and cut-out one pieces.

Shop my 3 favourite JETS cut-out one pieces here:

Cut-out one pieces | My Bikini MusthavesCut-out one pieces | My Bikini MusthavesThe thing with cut-out one pieces is that you just have to find the style that fits your body type best. Like I said earlier in this post  there are different styles of cut-out one pieces, one more revealing than the other. By removing fabric in certain places you’re just emphasizing that area. So if you don’t want to highlight that body part, make sure it’s covered! For instance, if you have a slim waistline but a little belly fat that isn’t for everyone to see, wear a one piece like I am in these pictures. Or if you want to highlight your breasts make sure you choose a one piece with a plunged neckline or cut-outs in that area. Keep it classy though!

So I’ve selected a couple of cut-out styles for your below and I’m sure you will find at least one that will be an option for you this summer. And if you’re still a bit hesitant or you’ve never worn a cut-out one piece before, just go for a black one. It’s all about trying new things in life, right? Well, what are you waiting for?

Love, Gala

The cut-out one piece of this moment: