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Two weeks ago I blogged about the perfect beach dresses to match your style (read post here) and afterwards I received quite some questions about this topic. Because there are more than enough stylish dresses to wear to the beach, but to the beach only. And of course it does¬†happen that you’re not going straight home after a beach day. That’s when day-to-night dresses come into play.

When I’m spending my Christmas holiday on the tropical island of Curacao it occurs rather often that my beach day quite unexpectedly ends at a fancy beach party or the new hotspot in town. I always prepare myself for this by a. wearing a dress instead of shorts and b. choosing the right dress to wear. The last thing you want is to feel totally underdressed with a simple old dress and flip flop whilst talking to the best-dressed man at your party. Therefore, I’ve selected 12 day-to-night beach dresses to rock all day.Day-to-night beach dresses | My Bikini MusthavesThere’s definitely a difference between a regular beach dresses and a day-to-night beach dresses. When I think of a normal beach dress I think of comfort, stylish and soft materials. It’s not pleasant to wear a very tight fit dress that sticks to your body when you’re all sweaty and covered with sand at the end of the day. When we’re talking about dresses that you can wear during both day and night I like dresses that are more outspoken with a beautiful print or color combination. A dress that you can wear with sophisticated sandals or even fashionable wedges.

The black dress I’m wearing in this picture is from JETS by Jessica Allen and as most of you know I’m a big fan of JETS swimwear. When I received this dress I was amazed by the quality and the dress itself as well. As you can see it’s a bit revealing but covered up just at the right places. The dress is made out of soft materials and is very stretchy so perfect to wear to the beach and feel comfortable. I’m sure when you wear this dress compliments (and complementary drinks) are coming your way ;)

Love, Gala

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