Eclectic prints, textures and colors designed for a gypsy lifestyle. That’s where Del Mar stands for. Think of low cuts and seamless finishes to contour the female shape in the best way. This edgy swimwear brand was founded by multicultural designer Berjheny Del Mar who seeks her inspiration through her travels and contemporary arts:

“I design for a confident woman that has a strong sense of personal style and an effortless yet sophisticated elegance.” 

And since confident, effortless and sophisticated are some of my favorite words I would like to get to know the women behind this brand and her passion for entrepreneurship. Read the interview here.

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My Bikini Musthaves: When and why did you decide to start your own swimwear brand?
Berjheny: I have always loved fashion, my mother and my grandmother were very strong women with a huge sense of style and that exposed me to fashion from a very early age. Living in Aruba and having the beach as my backyard made fall in love with bikinis as that was my daily outfit. I have always been a great lover of the beach and what a great excuse to wear a beautiful bikini! This is how it all started going to the beach and listening to my friends talk about how their bikinis were beautiful, but not comfortable or maybe it didn’t fit as expected. Being a bikinilover myself I found the same dilemma so I thought why not create a brand that is not only attractive to the eye but also feels great and fits amazing, and here I am!

My Bikini Musthaves: What is your role in the design process of Del Mar bikinis?
Berjheny: I’m responsible for the whole design process of Del Mar bikinis. My role is to oversee all the different aspects of the creative process from designing to production. I like to be involved in the whole process because it allows me to really make sure everything runs smoothly.

My Bikini Musthaves: What elements in life inspire you in your work?
Berjheny: The elements in life that inspire my work are definitely artwork. Pieces of art, architecture and traveling which I think is the biggest of all arts. All these components take a huge part of inspiring me in making beautiful bikinis.

My Bikini Musthaves: Tell us something about your latest collection!
Berjheny: For our latest collection we played a lot with different textures and shapes. A very cool story is the creation of the Anika print which was designed by using images we took of the “Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona. It came out so nice and we’ve gotten awesome reactions! All of our prints have a story behind it which I think in a way makes a connection with our loyal customers.DSC_7113 copyDSC_9650 copy

My Bikini Musthaves: If you could choose anyone in the world to wear your bikini, who would that be?
Berjheny: I would love to see Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba wearing Del Mar swimwear. They are both empowering women and I want to portray that in my bikinis!

My Bikini Musthaves: What is your favorite bikini style and why?
Berjheny: I love one piece swimsuits because to me they’re the most elegant and sophisticated. Not only do they flatter your body but also accentuates the curves of the women’s body.

My Bikini Musthaves: What would be your dream collaboration and why?
Berjheny: If we are talking about a major retailer I would have to say Target. A lot of amazing and talented designers have done it and I would love to have that kind of reach to a massive audience. If we’re talking about a designer I would say fashion designer David Koma. His clean geometric designs are very modern and the architectural look relates a lot to what my bikinis portray.

My Bikini Musthaves: What does 2015 look like for Del Mar swimwear?
Berjheny: At this point the bikinis are selling very well, I can’t complain! Me and my team get a lot of great feedback and we use this every time we design a new collection. So my main priority is to keep my customers happy and make sure to fulfill their wishes with every new collection we release.

My Bikini Musthaves: What would be your number one advice for all the bikinilovers out there?
Berjheny: To all my bikinilovers I would say to pick a style and cut they love and that flatters their body. Because not every style fits the same body. I will tell them to feel their best and most confident in that style that they have selected and wear it with pride.

The Del Mar swimwear collection is available online at,, and of course
But you can also shop this brand in boutiques in Aruba, Miami and Las Vegas.

Find your perfect style!


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