IMG_9381kopieOk, I know this is a bikini blog where I show you everything I love about swimwear but I also have a big love for accessories and jewelry in particular. Even if it’s for a photoshoot or when I’m wearing a new bikini, I always combine it with jewelry. I can’t get enough of it! I’m fortunate that several friends of mine have their own jewelry line so I always have something to show. But for this post I wanted to show you a couple of pieces that stand out from the rest. Not necessarily because of the materials or price (good quality comes with a prize unfortunately), but because they send  a message. And with this message you can make up your own story. IMG_5140For example this brand called The Ocean Republic. Each piece is handmade and the designs are inspired by the spirit of the ocean. I’m wearing the octopus ring and necklace in this picture.
IMG_5286Precious D is a jewelly line of my friend and it’s one of my favorite! First of all because all her pieces are made of 14K yellow or rose gold and sterling silver. So you can wear it whenever you like and the quality won’t be affected. Perfect for beach days! Besides that, the designs are very cool and modern. In this picture I’m wearing a star with brilliants and a star with a chained ring. Also wearing my all-time favorite body chain.IMG_5187Love letter ring and star chained ring by Precious D FacetuneCuff bracelet by Precious D for all the naughty girls…FacetuneWho can live without a #hashtag nowadays?
Facetune2Can you keep a secret…? (by June T)