Activewear | My Bikini MusthavesFor a lot of women it’s important to look good in a bikini. And let me be honest, this also applies to me. Unfortunately a bikini body doesn’t come by itself (luckily, the opinions are divided by the concept of a bikini body!), so multiple visits to the gym or nearby park is a must. But more and more swimwear brands understand this trend by designing activewear apart from their regular swimwear. That’s something else than your ordinary Nike or Adidas. Here are my favourites!

Activewear | My Bikini MusthavesActivewear | My Bikini Musthaves















We Are Handsome
This brand is very big in Australia and is known for it’s recognisable prints in lycra materials. Ever since supermodel Doutzen Kroes wore their swimsuit on a sunny Miami beach their popularity has spread to Europe and North-America. In their swim range they already had a couple of sportive styles but since end of last year We Are Handsome introduced an extensive sports line. What I really like about this line is that they use the same prints as their bikinis. How cool is that?? This way you will stand out in the gym for sure!

Shop We Are Handsome activewear here

Activewear | My Bikini MusthavesActivewear | My Bikini Musthaves


Monday Active
Only launched two months ago and already a big hit among bikini lovers! Bikini bloggers Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman from A Bikini A Day were smart enough to design their own bikinis under the name of Monday Swimwear. Now there’s Monday Active. It’s still a small collection and very basic but the ladies exactly know how to emphasize the female body parts in the best way. And since the streetwear trend is still in full effect in the fashion world I predict this brand will not only be worn on the treadmill…

Shop Monday Active here

Activewear | My Bikini MusthavesActivewear | My Bikini Musthaves

Luxury activewear for women who take their workout as serious as their personal style. Just as in their swimwear line Sauvage pays a lot of attention to detail and quality. You don’t see it very often but in sportswear but lace, neoprene and Swarovski are just a few examples of materials they use in the collection. Fashion meets sports I’d say. Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Liam are already a fan.

Shop Sauvage activewear here

Activewear | My Bikini MusthavesActivewear | My Bikini Musthaves

Honestly, this brand actually doesn’t belong in this list. But I’ll mention it anyway. Varley started back in 2012 with a swimwear line but soon made the shift to activewear. And despite their choice for activewear, this doesn’t mean that it’s less attractive! This is typically a brand in which the words cool, sexy and sophisiticated predominate. If this doesn’t make us run faster, I don’t know what will…

Shop Varley activewear here

Let’s get sweaty babes!

Love, Gala