Bikini ready | My Bikini MusthavesOk ladies, you’ve clicked on this post because within a few weeks you’ll probably be in a bikini or at least you want to feel better about your appearance. Maybe you’re leaving on a beach holiday soon or maybe you have a photoshoot planned, oh well, maybe you just want to look good this summer! Don’t worry. I’m here to help you get bikini ready and feel more confident in just two weeks.

But before I’m spilling my secrets and methodes about getting bikini ready I want to make sure we’re on the same page here. With this post I’m not promising you that you’ll loose 20 pounds in two weeks or that by the end you will have amazingly looking abs coming from a baby belly. No, that’s not the case. You’ll probably loose a few pounds here and there so you’re bikini will look extra good on you, but it’s all about feeling good about your total look and feel confident inside and out!

With that being said, just one last thing. If you want to make this work and you’re really dedicated to look and feel better in two weeks you have to be willing to stick to the plan and be a little harder on yourself than you normally would be. Whatever your goal is, you have to work for it. But in the end it’s all for a good cause lol. Nothing in life comes easy, right? Let’s go!

Day 1
No. More. Alcohol. Not even a sip. Come on, it’s not that hard and it will give you great results (both physically and mentally). While you’re at it, stop consuming sugar and take it easy on the carbs. If you do decide to eat carbs, go for the whole grain varieties. Eat regularly but in moderation.

Start working out today. Not tomorrow, not in two days, TODAY! If you were already planning to work-out today, good job! Do an activity that you like best and that you’re good at. Whether that’s fitness, yoga or running and try to work-out for an hour. And pick out your favourite outfit for this! This way you will be less reluctant and actually enjoying the work-out. Oh and drink water. Lots of water everyday!


Day 2
Probably a bit sore from your work-out the other day but that’s okay. It’s all part of your two-week deal. And there will be more coming! The goal is to increase your number of weekly work-outs by 1 or 2. For instance, if you’re going to the gym once a week at the moment try to upscale it by going three times a week. And if you’re already going 5 times a week, don’t worry, you’re bikini ready anytime!

I hope you’re doing okay on the no-alcohol-no-sugar-less-carbs challenge because you still have 12 more days to go, lol! I swear by starting my day with a heavy breakfast, medium-heavy lunch and light evening dinner. This really works for me because it gives me enough energy throughout the day and I don’t feel stuffed and bloated at night. Of course, add some healthy in-between snacks and always make sure to bring a bottle with lemon water with you wherever you go.

Day 5
From this day on, start your day with 15-minute abs exercises (see my 7 favourite ab workouts here) and 60 squats (it doesn’t matter how fast you’re doing them, as long as you do them all 60!). And add 20 squats extra every day. Let that booty burn baby! Another super easy quick fix is to change your daily habits by walking or cycling to work instead of the bus or metro and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

If you’re having a hard time on ditching the sugar and constantly thinking of sweets, try to make healthy snacks (that you actually like!) that you can easily take with you. Every time you feel your body needs some energy or something to chew on, you have a healthy snack within reach. Saves you time and money. My favourite healthy snacks to-go are bell pepper, carrots, grapes and plain rice crackers. It takes a few minutes to prepare in the morning but you will enjoy all day!

Getting bikini ready is feasible for everyone!

Day 7
You’re already halfway there, nice! You probably feel a little better about yourself already and the fact that you’re working on your goal. Like I said, it’s not only about losing weight but also about looking good from the inside and feeling more confident about yourself. And to boost your confidence even more I suggest to buy a new bikini! It’s okay to spoil yourself sometimes when you have to make sacrifices.

But before you do, determine what your best assets are and what body parts you would like to highlight or hide! Based on this (and your budget!) look for a bikini that flatter your curves and that will last several seasons. If you have no clue where to begin, check out my post about the 8 best swimwear trends for 2016. And because I love sharing my favourites I’ve selected a couple of new styles below!


Day 10
What do we like to hear all day and preferably every day? Right, compliments! I have to admit that I wasn’t a pro in given compliments to others because it wasn’t particularly part of my system (I know, I’m sorry!!),  but since I’m consciously doing this I feel like a better person! And the best thing is, chances are big that you’ll receive a nice compliment back which makes you even feel better! So incorporate at least two compliments in your daily routine and they will also be coming your way. Good vibes only ladies!

Day 12
It’s time to loose the hair. Body hair that is. Make sure to get your appointment at the waxing salon on time! If you have a holiday or beach day planned, do it two days before. If you don’t like waxing then go for shaving. I personally hate shaving my legs. It’s time-consuming and I always forget a few hairs. But I can really recommend the Wilkinson Hydro Silk Bikini! It’s easy, accurate and leaves your skin super soft!

Day 13
On this day it’s time for the self tanning oils or salon. If you’re used to applying self tanning oil to your body, go for it and do it yourself. If not, leave it to the professionals and visit a salon. Go for a spray tan instead of a tanning bed for a more natural look and don’t forget to skip the deodorant, perfume and bodylotion before you go! Instead, get into a little scrub session. Make sure to keep at least 24 hours between waxing and spray tan to avoid nasty spots or even small scars.

Another thing you have to do today is practicing your bikini poses! I know it may sound weird but believe me, you will thank me later! How often does it happen that you want to make a beautiful beach photo with your pretty friends to make the rest of us on Instagram jealous, but your arm looks twice as fat than it actually is? Oh and make sure you don’t have just one pose (I hate seeying someone look the same in literally every.single.picture) but while you’re at it make sure to nail at least two or three.


Day 14
It’s done! It’s a wrap! Now you can enjoy your beach holiday or whatever it was that made you want to get bikini ready… #missionaccomplished

Now that the two weeks are over you hopefully feel better about yourself then you were before. Whether you did loose weight or not, it’s been a challenge enough to have drunk any alcohol or eat no sugar for two weeks! Also, who doesn’t like a little pampering session at the tanning or nail salon? This always makes me feel better about myself!

I would love to know what your strategy is when it comes to getting bikini ready? Do you go on a strict diet? Or are you bikini ready year-round? Tell me your secrets gal!

See you at the beach!

Love, Gala 


Bikini ready | My Bikini MusthavesBikini ready | My Bikini Musthaves