High Waist bikinis | My Bikini MusthavesI must admit, you won’t see me in high waist bikinis very often. Not necessarily because I don’t like them, but because I thought that they didn’t suit my body type. I don’t want to generalize, but usually you see two types of women in high waisted bikinis: the ones that want to hide any love handles or stretch marks and the ones that you see on the catwalk. Yes, I’m talking about skinny supermodels.

And because I don’t place myself in either of these two categories (I’m just being honest here :x) I had my doubts about this style. But I have to say, once I slipped in one of these pieces it felt great! The only thing I really pay attention to is the thigh cut. I don’t like it when it’s too low on the front and back side because that makes me feel old(er).
High waist bikini | My Bikini MusthavesHigh waist bikinis | My Bikini Musthaves














IMG_8500-2Add some sex appeal by choosing a one-of-a-kind top, a striking print or high cut bottoms. And yes ladies, I know what you think. High waist bikinis aren’t a good option if you want to get your tan-game on. It’s true. But then skip it for one day. It won’t harm you, right?

So whether you have a mommy-tummy or you just want to highlight your slender model figure, high waist bikinis shouldn’t be underestimated! I actually think I’m going to start wearing these styles more in a couple of months… More on that soon!

Love, Gala

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