This print is a musthave almost every year so it’s not really a trend, right?  But I love leopard print! I know what some of you might be thinking, but honestly, leopard print can be very stylish and sexy worn in the right way. Just don’t take too many risks with it.

First of all, don’t wear the print head to toe! That’s a big no-no and will make you look a bit tacky (sorry…). Only if your name is Rihanna or Joan Collins you can pull that off. So if you want to rock leopard print on the beach first decide if you want to go for a main item in leopard print or just an accessory like sandals or sunglasses. If you choose to wear your bikini in leopard print just like I did in these pictures, make sure that your accessories are a bit more low profile. Colors that go well with leopard are brown, gold, black or some earth tones like tan or green. I love to wear gold jewelry together with this print for that extra glow. It’s cute! It’s sexy! It’s fun!

Melissa Odabash is an UK luxury swimwear brand that will make you look stylish at any moment. This one-piece fits the body like a glove and the eye-popping plunge neckline will definately get you extra attention.

IMG_5262 IMG_5222

The Asos triagle bikini (left) is a good choice without going overboard on the price. This bikini does not have any padding in the top and you can’t adjust the straps on the back. So with these type of bikinis you have to make sure that you pick the right size. The bottom has small coverage and the sides have cute strings. I’m wearing this bikini together with a 14K yellow gold body chain from Precious D. It’s custom made and a true musthave for a sunny beach day.

A darker version of the leopard print looks great on a tanned skin. The Ondademar bikini (right) has gold and turquoise embroidery in the top and gives this bikini that little extra, so easy on the jewelry I’d say. I have a lot of Ondademar bikinis and I always go for the latin fit because it gives the booty a better look. But they also have medium and full coverage fits.

Zingara halter bikini with gold hardware. I choose to wear this bikini with black sunglasses since the print is a bit lighter than most of the leopard print bikinis. But metal frame sunglasses is also a good option to go for.


Melissa Odabash one-piece Naples Lace-Up (here)
Asos Leopard print triangle bikini (similar here)
Ondademar Caipiroska halter bikini
Zingara Leopard print bikini
Precious D body chain (here)

Photography: Otis-lee McKelsey
Make-up: Aimee van Ommen