Black bikini | My Bikini MusthavesEvery woman should own at least one black bikini. Just like a LBD or black high heels, this is an item that definitely belongs in your wardrobe. And I will help you to find the perfect Little Black Bikini (LBB) in just a few easy steps.

A black bikini is maybe not your first choice when you’re on the hunt for a new bikini. But trust me when I say that it is a must-have for your bikini collection. It’s timeless, versatile, flattering and always a safe choice because you can never go wrong with a simple black bikini. Needless to say that there are hundreds, probably thousands black bikinis to choose from. That is why I created this 7-step guide to share my experiences and help you find the perfect LBB!Black bikini | My Bikini MusthavesTop 4 Black Triangle Bikinis


1 Determine your budget | First things first. Because without money we’re not getting anywhere in this world. You probably don’t want to spend too much on a simple black bikini but think of it like this. If you have to buy one bikini that you can wear every season, to every occasion and always look fashionable in, then it’s safe to invest in a more expensive black bikini. I love the Revolve Clothing website because they offer bikinis from $50 to $500 so you definitely will succeed here. If you want to spend as little as possible then browse around the Asos website (and visit Net-a-Porter for the exclusive and expensive styles!)

2 Define your style | The best thing about a black bikini is that you can wear it literally to every occasion or getaway you’ve planned. And no matter what your style is, there’s always a LBB that matches it. If you always wear a certain style in bikinis make sure you stick with this when buying your new favourite black bikini, because it has to feel comfortable and you would want to wear it for a long time. So if you’re a triangle type, buy the LBB in a triangle style. Although a black bikini is a timeless piece, you don’t want to get bored after a couple times wearing it.

Black bikini | My Bikini MusthavesBlack bikini | My Bikini MusthavesTop 4 Black Bandeau Bikinis

3 Choose your bikini based on the beach type that you are | Well, I assume that you all are beach lovers like I am but I know that there are different types of beach lovers. Personally I like to relax to the max while I’m at the beach but of course there are other people who like to be more active. If you are more of an active person then go for a bikini that is a little more covered in certain places and will give good support. Otherwise I would opt for a bikini that maybe isn’t really practical but gorgeous to look at!

A Black Bikini is the perfect way to accentuate your curves

4 Determine what body parts you want to accentuate | This is always important when buying a new bikini but especially when you’re investing in a timeless piece. A good example of a swimwear brand that offers stylish but basic pieces that really accentuates your curves is Monday Swimwear. Natasha and Devin, the two lovely ladies behind this brand, both have some serious female curves that they like to show off in their bikinis. And a lot of Australian swimwear brands are also doing an amazing job of accentuating the female body!

5 Pay attention to quality and material | You want your new LBB to last longer than just one season so quality is key. Not only in terms of fabric (I hate it when the color gives off!) but also in terms of hardware, padding and fit. Always look for a bikini with a minimum of 80%-85% polyamide and make sure they offer an understandable size chart!

Black bikini | My Bikini MusthavesBlack bikini | My Bikini Musthaves6 Choose a style that’s easy to mix & match | When you run out of inspiration in terms of what bikini to wear a black bikini can be a real life saver! So it’s important to have a killer version of the LBB that you never get tired of. But the best tip I can give you is that every time you invest in a solid or expensive bikini, make sure you have mix matching options with your other bikinis. And although black is a super easy color to mix with something else, the style of the top or bottoms can be very outspoken so keep that in mind.

7 Online or offline? | Nowadays it’s very common to buy your new bikini online but if you’re a newbie to online shopping I advise you to buy from a brand that has multiple black bikinis in their collection, that adds reviews to their site or that you see a lot on social media. This increases the credibility of their expertise. Buying offline? Make it a real experience (after all, you don’t do this very often), try on different styles and ask for advise!

Ok ladies, I hope these 7 steps will help you in the search for your next LBB and that you will enjoy it for years and years (I have a couple of black bikinis from years ago that I still wear!). And I wouldn’t be me if I haven’t selected my favourite styles of the moment! Because every woman should have at least one black bikini, right?

Love, Gala

My selection of the best black bikinis of the moment (click through):