Miami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesYes! Back and alive! But I have to admit, I’m still recovering from my 5-day trip to Miami Swim Week. It’s so different when you’re five months pregnant with your first baby…

Don’t get me wrong. I had the best time ever! I met so many nice people and saw spectacular runway shows. The weather was great (a little too hot sometimes) and the food was delicious. However, it was definitely different because I’m pregnant. Read: no alcohol and more sleep. 

But that’s totally okay because it’s all for a good cause, right? And pregnant or not, I still had an amazing time and also learnt new things during this trip. And I want to share it all with you so you have an idea how Miami Swim Week 2016 was for me. So keep on reading!Miami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesI arrived on a Wednesday and went straight to my hotel. I stayed at the Nautilus hotel which is part of the Sixty Hotel Group. It’s located on Collins Avenue between 18th and 19th and stretches from street to beach. Love beachside hotels! Especially when I only have a few hours a day to spend on the beach. This hotel is recently renovated so the rooms are perfect and I loved the Cabana Club with the salt water pool.

After unpacking my suitcase and a quick wardrobe change I went for a walk. Although I’ve been in Miami before it’s always nice to explore the neighbourhood or go to your favourite addresses. I wanted to see if most of my appointments in the following days were walking distance from my hotel and I also went on a little shopping spree. But it was for the baby, not for me lol !!!

For dinner I wanted to eat taco’s and guacamole but just simple, nothing fancy. So I went to HuaHua’s near Alton’s Road. Oh my god, the food here is sooo good! Like I said, nothing fancy but the flavours are amazing. I will soon post about my favourite places to eat in Miami Beach because HuaHua’s wasn’t the only one!Miami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesMiami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesMiami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesMy new favourite bikini by Salt Sun & Bikinis

The next day, Thursday, I woke up early (#jetlag) and after breakfast I planned on laying poolside for a few hours. After laying in the sun for about 45 minutes I noticed that I already had visible tan lines. The sun was so hot, gosh! I didn’t want the baby to overheat so I lay down under a parasol, which was more pleasant.

In the afternoon I had a lunch date with someone from a PR agency that organizes the PR for Funkshion and also for a lot of swimwear brands showing their collections during Miami Swim Week. She was so nice and actually gave me two bikinis from Salt Sun & Bikinis that are my favourites right now! I’ll show you the bikinis soon on my Instagram!

After lunch I had some other meetings at the W hotel and afterwards I did some more… uhmm shopping. But it was still so bloody hot so I returned to my hotel, put on a bikini and layed down at the pool again. Hard knock life ain’t it? In the evening I had dinner at the super cute family style restaurant of Freehand Miami, called 27. Also soon more on the blog about this spot!

After drinks in their pool yard I headed to a party in Bagatelle. This party was organised by Celebrity TV Miami and there were indeed quite some celebrities, but unfortunately I didn’t know them. There was also an open bar but luckily I could only drink virgin cocktails haha. I hardly knew anybody at that party and I was all by myself so I had to mingle my way through there. That was interesting. But after a while I noticed I was the only sober one left in there so I thought it was time to head back to my hotel, which was literally across the street.

Miami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesMiami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesIt was Friday already and I hadn’t spent any time on the beach yet. Shame on me! Right when I wanted to lay on the beach it began to rain so hard that I had to wait for another 20 minutes but hey, that’s Miami right? I missed the sound and smell of the ocean so much!

In the afternoon I took an Uber ride to Brickell. I actually used Uber a lot while I was in Miami. It’s so easy and there were a lot of Uber drivers available. I heard about this new hotel in Brickell, EAST Miami and wanted to see it myself. I had lunch at their Uruguayan restaurant on their outside terrace. Cool vibes and good food. Just how I like it.Miami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesAt the Pitusa rooftop partyMiami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesWith the beautiful girls from A Bikini A Day after the Vix show

Time to head back to Miami Beach because I had a packed evening program. I started off with a rooftop party hosted by Pitusa at the Soho Beach House. It was so much fun! Delicious drinks, pretty people dressed in Pitusa and nice music. It’s always good to see that the brand really reflects the people behind it. Super cool team!

Unfortunately I had to leave the Pitusa party at some point because I had several runway shows planned for that night. Starting off with Hot As Hell in the W Hotel. It was a very cool show with a rock-n-roll vibe. There were a lot of sexy, revealing bikinis and flowy dresses. What I loved is that they also had a couple of little girls in their show and even heavily pregnant women! Loved the swimsuits they were wearing, I actually need one for myself lolMiami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesMiami Swim Week | My Bikini Musthaves








After this I went straight to the Vix show in the Funkshion tent across the street. I was looking very much forward to this show because Vix is one of my favourite swimwear brands. The collection is called Nautical Neautrals and they used a lot of earthy hues in their 2017 collection and I loved the boho feel in their cover-ups. Also a lot of contrasting colors in their swimwear and oh my god! The burnt orange jumpsuit is already on my wishlist! So beautiful!Miami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesMiami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesNext was the Frankies Bikini show was at the outside pool of the W Hotel. Really Cool! I was very curious to see this show because I love the style of their bikinis. It’s fun, cheeky and colourful! A few words to describe the show: flirty, hippie,  flower power and wild. A lot of tie dye prints and side string bottoms. We saw a lot of looks shown by models with amazing bodies! And to think that the designer is only 21 years old… #girlboss

Miami Swim Week | My Bikini MusthavesMiami Swim Week | My Bikini Musthaves

This was the last show of the evening and the moment the show was over it started to rain very hard again. So that was a sign for me to go back to my hotel and call it a day. Because the next day it would start all over again!

This was only part I from my Miami Swim Week report. Part II will soon follow where I will talk about my last three days there. All I can say is: IT WAS HECTIC!

Love, Gala