We Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesRemember Doutzen Kroes wearing a killer swimsuit on the beaches of Miami this summer and nobody could stop talking about it? Yes, that’s We Are Handsome. Now I’m not going to talk about the background or USP’s of We Are Handsome because I already did exactly that earlier this year (but if you’re interested please click here!), but because they just released their new collection I decided to dedicate another post to them. And this time I wanted to get in a little in-depth situation with the creators Jeremy and Katinka and show their new styles myself. If you ever wondered what an average workday looks like for these designers just keep on reading.

How differs the new collection compared to the previous collection?

“Our previous collection Vice was inspired by Miami in the 80’s – it featured sorbet colours and abstract prints. This collection is an expression of oceanic modernism, titled Flux In Bloom it is heavily inspired by sophisticated lines and motion of the ocean. We’ve taken our cues from the life force that moves us, feeds our world and grounds our creativity.

The collection sees a slew of new styles – athletic, feminine and sleek shaped swim and resortwear pieces that will become summer wardrobe staples.”

We Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesWhat is the most popular style from your collection(s) and why is that do you think?

“Our classic shapes of the Scoop One Piece, String Bikini and our Silk Button Up shirt are always hot favourites! We know it is because we’ve worked very hard through the years to refine our shapes and ensure they are as perfectly fitting as can be.

We have also seen a large growth of our sports luxe styles, the high neck pieces, and open backs are definitely a trend style that we’ve seen rival our classic shapes.”

You’ve launched the brand in 2009 and immediately started a huge fan base. What advise do you have for bikini designers that just started their label? 

“Our first advise is to define your handwriting early on and in everything you do stay true to your core identity. We see a lot of labels start and try to be everything to all people; we don’t think that’s as strong as an approach as ensuring your identity is.

And also very important is to make sure you’re as organized as can be. There are so many moving parts to this business so making sure you have schedules and are keeping to timelines will ensure you can deliver on time and to budget. Keep focus on your priorities!”We Are Handsome | My Bikini Musthaves

We Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesThe Rafters string bikini (here)

You are business partners and also have a relationship together. Appoint a characteristic of the other which brought you this far, and why?

“We balance each other out, where one is having a bad day the other will buoy spirits or where one is in a very creative zone the other knows how to keep that flow going and knows how to drive the process too.”

Katinka of Jeremy: “His insatiable appetite for creative endeavors, he’s always coming up with ideas!”
Jeremy of Katinka: “Exceptional strategic forethought – she’s always thinking many steps ahead which is imperative for a business like ours.”

We Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesThe Cosmos short kaftan

How does your average workday look like? 

“No day is ever the same, but they all start the exact same way, early! We take our pups Bear and Moose and go for a run along the coastline. Then it’s straight to the office or to a breakfast meeting, then right into a daily meeting with all our staff so that we can set our goals for the day, check in and manage any issues. Then it’s email time getting on top of any things that have come in from our overseas teams overnight.

Depending on our meeting needs we’ll try make our lunch and eat together. Otherwise we’ll grab Japanese from the beautiful traditional Izakaya next to our office.

Afternoons are creative time, and because we like the quiet that comes with working on the weekends, we usually have a dinner arrangement with family and friends most nights. Otherwise we’re at the office till dinnertime and then it’s off to the park with the pups and to bed!”

If you could create your dream collaboration, with whom will that be?

“There are a lot of interesting people we would like to work with but if we had to choose it will definitely be either Jeff Koons, Muse or Mary Katrantzou! We love their work and a collaboration with one of them somewhere in the future would be a dream come true.”We Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesWe Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesThe Ambush V Wire bikini (similar here)We Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesWe Are Handsome | My Bikini MusthavesThe Cosmos bikini top (similar here) and wrap pants

We Are Handsome is definitely one of my top picks if we’re talking about Australian swimwear brands. Their designs are very distinctive but recognizable and make you feel comfortable wearing them. And guys, a collaboration with Mary Katrantzou? Could you imagine?? We’ll be parading over the beach like never before!


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