Hats | My Bikini MusthavesI never really wore hats when I was spending time on the beach. Main reasons for this was the fact that I wanted a nice tan on my face and a hat always prevented this. And also because I have big hair so in most cases the hats wouldn’t even fit me. But times have changed. I’m a big fan now! And my hair and face are actually the reason why.

Apart from the fact that a hat really can complete your beach look, it’s a must have accessory for on the beach and beyond. For me, it has become a necessity when I’m in the sun. Next to sun screen, hats are my life savers when it comes to protecting my face from the sun! Funny that until a couple of years ago I wouldn’t even think about wearing a hat to protect my skin and now it’s one of the things I always take with me when I travel.

Another reason for me to start wearing hats while on holiday is to control the sun damage to my hair. I was shocked every time I spent a day or two in the sun and see what it had done to my hair! It was dry, frizzy and at least three shades lighter than it originally was.

That’s why ladies, hats should always be part of your beach outfit. And I’ more than happy to help you find the perfect one!

Not looking for a summer hat but still want to look stylish during this season? Check out my selection of fall hats below!


Love, Gala