Salty Mermaid | My Bikini MusthavesIf I would tell you Salty Mermaid is a Brazilian swimwear brand designed by two beautiful ladies who love colourful prints and curvaceous female body parts, you’d probably believe me in a sec. Well, actually everything about this is true, minus the Brazilian part. Let me introduce you to these ultra cheeky bikinis all the way from Tampa, Florida.

Launched in 2016 by Sarah and Kara, Salty Mermaid it’s the creative result of two best friends with the same vision. And that vision happens to be the same as mine: try to make the world a better place and make ladies look stunning while practically wearing nothing.Salty Mermaid | My Bikini MusthavesSalty Mermaid | My Bikini MusthavesSalty Mermaid | My Bikini MusthavesYou know how they always say “the bigger the better”? Well, that’s not the case with a Salty Mermaid bikini. The California made pieces all have a cheeky fit and most of the styles are reversible, so twice the fun! The collection consists of true eye-catchers with striking bold colours. I really love the minimal coverage that all the bottoms have because it accentuates your body parts in the best way.

I’m a big fan of the Merbabe bikini I’m wearing in these images. It’s so Instagrammable and I actually also wore this top for lunch during my last holiday or to a festival. You won’t believe how many compliments I received! The bikini is priced at $110 but with my personal discount code you can shop this bikini just under $99! Use code SALTYGALA10 at check out and the bikini is on your way!Salty Mermaid | My Bikini MusthavesSalty Mermaid | My Bikini MusthavesSalty Mermaid | My Bikini MusthavesNow let’s talk about the sizing. Because for me that’s always so hard to say when the bikinis are latin or cheeky fit. But when I opened my Salty Mermaid order I started to worry a little bit. The bottoms looked SO small, I wondered if I would fit them. But the materials are very soft and have enough stretch in it so that’s wasn’t a problem. I’m wearing a size Medium in all these images by the way (normally I wear size Small). So I suggest to go one size up!

Check the full collection at and get 10% discount on their bikinis by using code SALTYGALA10!

Love, Gala


This blog post is made in collaboration with Salty Mermaid.