In fashion you often can categorize people into two groups: the ones who love bold prints or the ones who’ll go for simple solid colors. Women who choose either heels or sneakers and of course trendsetters versus trend followers. Call me crazy, but I think this is the same situation with stripes and dots. How often do you wear stripes? Hardly ever? Big chance you’re comfortable in the dots category. Not me. I never wear dots! I’d almost say that I hate them but that would be a bit dramatic. But yes, I’m a stripes person. In case you wondered why I chose this topic.

But there are all different kind of stripes in this world. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, monochrome, colourful, you name it! I tried to show you several styles in swimwear that I love and that are something different than your standard Breton stripe. Find more stripes in the collections of Vitamin A, Lauren, Vix and Solid & Striped. But now the most important question: in which category are you? Tell me!IMG_1675-Hersteld1_IMG_1663-Hersteld1_IMG_1794-HersteldIMG_1622

JETS Electric bikini (similar here)
Blueprint Elba sunglasses (here)
Calzedonia horizontal striped bikini
Zara monochrome striped swimsuit
JETS Meridian ocean/white bikini (similar here)