I love going to the beach and get a beautiful bronzed tan that lasts for weeks. But living in Amsterdam doesn’t make it easy to go to the beach whenever you want. The weather isn’t always cooperating (that’s an understatement) and since the winter is slowly approaching within the next months I need to start making a plan to keep that healthy glow on my face and the rest of my body. Enter self tanner! It’s easy, affordable and it can help you at anytime during sunless days. I think almost everyone of you have used self tanner before so I don’t have to tell you how to use it but here are a few facts about self tanners that might help to use it even better!

Different structures in self tanning products. When we’re talking about self tanners nine out of ten times we’re talking about lotion. But there are different types of self tanning products. My friend swears by a tanning foam while I prefer a cream and others only use sprays. Try out something that you don’t  normally use to see what works best for you.

Self tanner works best when using a mitt. The mitt ensures that your hands stay clean and the products blend well. If you don’t use one big chances that you will look orange and your hands come out darker than the rest of your body. And you don’t’ want people to mistake you for an oompa loompa right?

Most self tanners smell and gives off on your clothes. The chemical ingredients in self tanners provide a recognizable smell that will last all day. Search for a product with a neutral scent and make sure to use talc powder before putting on your clothes. That way your clothes will stay fresh and clean!

Removing self tanner works best with a piece of lemon. If you want to remove all the self tanner from your body it’s easier to use an exfoliating body scrub, but sometimes it happens that you went a bit overboard in certain areas and you created dark spots. Not cute! In that case it’s not necessary to do it all over again. Just cut a lemon in half and rub it over your skin for two minutes. Then use a damp towel to remove the self tanner. Use the self tanner again for that particular spot and make sure it’s smooth and equal to the rest of your body.

Not all self tanners contain SPF. If it does, it will only be effective for a couple of hours. I know this is a common mistake among fellow tanners so please make sure to check if your product contains a SPF. Especially when you’re planning an outside activity SPF is the magic word you can’t live without!

Self tanner makes you look skinnier. It does! Maybe this is the most important reason for women to use self tanner. And it’s true! Not only your face but also your feet, hands and legs, it all looks skinnier with self tanner!

My favourite self tanning products:
Kiehls Sun Free Self-tanning formula
St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse
Clarins Intense Bronze self tanning tintIMG_5250